Solicitor in Sancerre?

Hi, I am in need of an English-speaking solicitor for my property purchase in Sancerre. Can you recommend? I could ask the real estate office I plan to work with, in Sancerre, for advice on whom to hire. Would that be a good idea?

It’s not usual to involve a solicitor during house purchases in France. The sale goes through a Notaire who normally acts for both parties. His role is to complete the paperwork and collect the taxes due. If the buyer and seller use separate Notaire the two Notaire share the fee.


Thanks for your comment; helped me very much. Amazing how getting a correction like this, makes such a difference. Not sure if I’m explaining correctly and I do realize in hindsight it might’ve been a seemingly idiotic question. Sometimes it just matters who sets one to rights, so to speak. Anyway. I found a great realtor in Sancerre, one Xavier Mathey of Mahau Mathey ORPI and am working with him. He’s facilitating an offer I’ve made, plus arranging things with the notaire. I think I’m on the right path. Cheers.

PS: I am in awe of how beautiful Sancerre is. Walking down the narrow streets, looking down each one I could see a view of the hillside and skyline beyond the town. Fingers crossed this works out.