Solid oak doors

Hi am looking to buy 8 oak doors ( inside house), of premium/ good quality for my renovation in Southern France.

One option is to have them made, but time and budget is running low, so any advice on shops/ warehouse etc.

Depends if they are std size or near std machining levels. Most large bricos will stock chene massiv doors but in std sizes which often dont fit old buildings so well.

Depending on the material that the walls are made of, you could adjust the opening to fit the door. I did this with a door that had to be scrapped after life with a series of lodgers.

A standard door from Wickes was a tad narrower but quite a bit taller, by a brick and a half.

I hacked out the bricks over the original lintel, put in a lintel at the new height and added enough to the sides to give a fit.

Having rat-like cunning I re-used the original architraves

adding bits to the bottom ends on the basis that, with suitable treatment with filler and paint they would do, as nobody approaching a door looks at the bottom 100mm of the architrave.

2 Likes do a range of oak doors (in MDF frames)

Maybe give SFers an idea of style/period /contemporary.

I’m currently making some doors for our place out of 200 year old chestnut boards of various widths and fitting them together with hand-made nails (bought!). But it’s a mediaeval rustic property.

Incidentally if anyone else is into old doors, there’s a wonderful door museum in Pezenas

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Rosehead nails?

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May require a bit of masonry rejigging but a good source for doors with character and history


I’ve got a variety of styles and sizes of hand-forged nails, some left over from a cottage door that I made in the UK, and a couple of kilos bought on a vide grenier.

This place has some good stuff too

Clouterie Rivierre | Clous forgés |


They have 3 testimonials on their web site of which this is typical:
“It’s true, you can never eat a pet you name. And anyway, I did my first show in the third grade it would be like a ventriloquist eating his dummy.

John C Reilly GIFs | Tenor

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Im will get some measurements from my builder, so thanks.

Seems hacked. A bit weird but France is not yet so good at protecting or updating their websites.

I found them here -
2, avenue de l’égalité - l’Isle sur la Sorgue

Nearly twenty years ago I replaced all the interior doors with oak ones from Lapeyre. They’ve been fine.

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Hi Ubbe

where about are you ?

i have had some beautiful Oak doors made by a carpenter in our village.
double doors for the bedrooms and also 2 very large front doors, for first and second floors on the side. out to balconies.

yes, it wasnt cheap, however the maire loves them !! and said it helps the village to look wonderful.

Thanks for the link Dr Mark !!! how interesting.
about an hour from me, so ill be going in to have a look.
thank you.

Hi Im near Grasse. Do you have the measurements for the Entrance doors?

from memory they are just over 2 metres wide and then the frame.
they are 2 metres tall. double doors.