Some information on Expat Travel Insurance required please

Hi everyone,
It is a long time since I have posted on here. Can anyone help me please with recommendations for good reliable Expat Travel Insurance companies. It will be worldwide, 2 old cronies of 73 and 76 (only joking about old, it’s only a number!) and pre-existing conditions. I have looked on the web and seen several sites but I am very wary about firms I do not know, on the web. Any help would be gratefully received.

We use Staysure Expat, reasonable price and covered pre-existing conditions. However, as we’ve never had to make a claim it’s difficult to make any real recommendation.

Many thanks Timothy. I’ll check them out. Understand about not being able to comment on if we had to claim but do appreciate the information.

Are you French resident or UK as this might affect matters…

Hi Graham, we live in France.

In which case, why not contact @fabien (SF resident insurance expert) for advice and guidance as to your options.

Travel insurance is very expensive here Graham.

We use Globelink International.
Reasonable rates for an annual worldwide multi trip policy for up to 45 days per trip.
Sensible claims procedure with everything done online and they paid out reasonably quickly for extra expenses when we were snowed in at a US airport for two days a couple of years ago.
The more serious pre existing conditions are usually excluded, but you can pay an additional premium to cover them if you wish.
I definitely recommend them.

Indeed they are… in France that’s usually 30% to 50% more expensive for that kind of insurance but some can only be done in France as some British insurer won’t insure non British resident for exemple. To be noted that it’s also very difficult to get pre-existing conditions insured in France as they’ll exclude that instead of increasing the premium in most cases.

It speaks volumes when you see UK life insurance adverts which advertise life insurance without the need for a blood test or medical…
and then they punt their wares indicating a %age rate of claims which are paid :roll_eyes:
There is no such thing as cheap travel insurance IMO.

Yes Graham I have corresponded with Fabien, but he advised me as much as he has posted here. I have to say though he got us a super deal on a mutuelle last year. So he is our go to person. On this though, he was unable to help. We certainly wouldn’t be able to take out a French travel insurance. Thanks for your help anyway.

Hi Robert, yes I came across Globelink on the web the other day. The pre-existing conditions that we have are not major and the majority of them were in their list of covered conditions. It was interesting to hear of their claims procedure. I’ll give them a closer look again. Many thanks for the info.

Here in Australia some credit cards have travel insurance as a perk of the card.

Hi - I went to New Zealand and Maylasia last year with Staysure and got a total all cover policy. I take medication for pre-existing condition. I started and returned my journey in France. I wanted total cover for everything including body home in event of death etc. I think the cost was about £220 - but peace of mind that my family wouldn`t have to worry.

Hi Margaret, yes that is what I want, comprehensive cover. £220 seems around the figure that I would expect to have to pay. Thanks for taking the time to answer.

Hi William, I have heard that some cards provide some travel insurance. I’ve never been aware that mine does however. Just in case, I have asked the question of them. Many thanks.

It’s a complicated field and there are a lot of variables (e.g are you travelling to the USA?). Generally speaking, Which? seems to recommend NFU followed by M&S Bank, HSBC and FirstDirect, but I’ve no idea whether you need to be resident in the UK to use them.

I’d advise you to look carefully at what’s covered. A couple of years ago I was admitted to hospital in Manila for a couple of days and when I got to claim (it wasn’t any of the companies I’ve mentioned above) they would only meet the direct costs, and we had to pay out a lot for rebooking the return flight and for my wife’s extra hotel and taxi costs.

You need to be a UK resident to benefit from any of the UK banks perks such as free travel insurance.

That’s a point that hadn’t crossed my mind Timothy, thanks.

French bankcards with a visa or mastercard symbol also offer free travel insurance for french residents too.