Some mothers do 'ave 'em

Surely I am not the only one who thinks this is, just a little iffy… :wink:

I didn’t think that it was iffy, I just thought it was a sign of the times; someone trying to live the live portrayed as being the modern way, heading off to Dubai and driving a supercar because that’s what social media and popular television considers cool. The fact that he can not afford that lifestyle and shows no regard for the law is just another sign of the times.

I’m assuming the story is basically true - in which case he deserves to be penalised because it is a display of either stupidity, arrogance or both.

BUT, the story says that he triggered multiple cameras along the same stretch of road resulting in multiple fines - hence the eye-watering total. In this case I would say that if he drove at sustained high speed for a period of time that should be one speeding offence (albeit a serious one) not 5, just because he triggered 5 cameras.

If he can’t pay (which appears to be the case) I imagine his trip to Dubai will include an extended guided tour of the prison facilities.

It can happen in the UK that one ‘bout’ of speeding results in multiple fines. On my speed awareness course we were told of a guy who realised he had triggered a camera so thought ’ Oh well I’ve been done now ’ and carried on driving at the same speed , triggering another two cameras. He took the course for his first offence and the points for the other two
If he wasn’t aware of the traffic laws he should not have been driving. It sounds strange somehow to me. He isn’t working but can go to Dubai to visit friends One of whom hires him a super car ?umm…

Ah, I thought that you could claim a single offense in that case. Obviously not :frowning:

I think it depends how the system is set up.It was three years ago when I heard about this. The cameras were on bridges and each treated separately

It would be different if several cameras were being used for measuring average speed like they do on the M62, there a driver could pass several cameras at over the speed limit but only face one charge.

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What price stupidity? ah yes £36k - ouch!

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:wink::wink: Oh no… I had one chap (a foreign colleague) who drove to Leeds (I forget which road he was on) … he triggered many different cameras on a certain stretch… and came to me very dejected when he realized the gravity of the situation… :thinking::zipper_mouth_face:

worth noting that all speed limits are MAXIMUM. Nothing to stop anyone going slower

Not all speed limits are maximum limits, minimum speed limits also exist on some roads.image

Indeed, I was just about to say something similar - however the blue minimum speed limit is almost non-existent in practice, I believe there might be a minimum speed limit in some tunnels.

You also see them on motorways where there are steep gradients. Anyway, rare or not, they exist.