Some new info on French visas


So a retired couple, both on full UK pension (£175.20/wk) will have enough income, with wriggle room (roughly 1670€ per month).

It’s mainly going to hit those before retirement age without a guaranteed income.

Or people on their own? I read it twice but it looks like the same amount is needed for a single person as a couple, but perhaps I’m misinterpreting it?

The Embassy are unwilling to confirm a lower figure will apply for a single person, as the SMIC threshold is enshrined in law, so you should plan on this basis. Nevertheless, some limited concessions are possible and likely.

I guess the argument would be that it doesn’t really cost any more for a couple than an individual - however the 1231€ figure is definitely for a single person, see Carte de séjour temporaire "visiteur" d'un étranger en France |

Thanks Paul. I just wanted to let some of my UK friends who’ve missed the boat know that they might still make it here… (none of them are rich!)

If they have mortgage free housing there will be more wiggle room…

Assuming a couple on a UK state pension the question they need to ask is not “is our income enough to meet the statutory minimum” but “is our income enough” - France can be an expensive place to live. Didn’t we conclude that the minimum is only just about enough to scrape by, the last time it was discussed?

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If I recall correctly, wiggle room was promised for British people applying for Withrawal Agreement Cartes de Sejour and lower stanards of income have been applied than might have legitimately been the case, but from what I have read applying after January 1st Brits are just more third country applicants with the standard EU rules. Like closing borders, taking back control works both ways.

Still some wiggle room to persuade said official that you have the means to be self supporting. Even Albanians can do this.

Could someone help with a question re Long Stay Visitor Visa?
We usually stay for five months at our holiday home and should be able to get a LS Visa. Does this allow for us to return home during this five months or does a visit home annul the visa?