Some of the terrorists were/are known to the police authorities

I am sure that the police have been persuing these terrorists.....but apprarently one of them was

allowed release following a judge requesting that he could be free.He, the terrorist then went on to murder the priest in Northern France.

I do not doubt that the police work brilliantly and couragously when defending their country and their

citizens but something is going wrong.....and not underpinning their performance.

If it is true that the judge (examining magistrate?) requested this, he/she should be sacked.

France needs a more robust approach to this. That the president and the prime minister were booed when visiting Nice indicates the strength of feeling in the république.

Like him or lump him Nicolas Sarkozy when faced with a similar issue during his presidency when police officers were murdered in Marseille immediately sacked the prefect and installed (as was his gift as président) someone with a more robust attitude. In the days that followed, huge numbers of undesireables were deported.

I somehow feel that Hollande's tenure at the Elysée Palace is fast approaching it's conclusion.

There far more able people waiting in the wings - let us just hope it's not going to Mme Le Pen...

Yes let us hope it is not Mme Le Pen.

Sarkosy was far from perfect.....but!

I see on the BBC News web page today that, according to the Daily Mail at least, out of 2000 known "fanatics" currently in the UK, only one is under any form of curfew. I guess both governments are afraid of a backlash if they are seen to pick on muslims. We had the same problems over stop-and-search when a large proportion of the people stopped were young black men while Police were worrying about knife, gun, drug and gang crime. Identifying people who matched a profile was condemned. Either way the Police were criticised.

I recall the irritation when our sons were contantly stopped in their cars when aged under about 22 and asked to empty all the junk out of the boot and door pockets before continuing to school/college/uni/work/home and getting in trouble for being late. However, there was no denying that they belonged to a category which probably had things in the car which they should not have had, and which "forgot" to tax, insure or MOT their vehicles, so we encouraged them to be polite and respectful to the Police and just put up with it until they looked older. On one occasion a very keen WPC stopped elder son's car and approached the driver's door in a very aggressive manner only to find that it was being driven by his father, which was unusual for a Suzuki Vitara at the time.

Perhaps European governments need to make it clear to the public that they will be stopped, may be searched, and may be asked to explain why they are there, where they are going and what they are doing. It is part of heightened security. So is keeping under surveilance anyone expected of posing a threat to national security, and nobody, of any religion or race, should have reason to argue with that. I just hope they stop sufficient ageing white pensioner ladies to keep the balance straight!