Some questions for you bloggers

I recently restarted a blog that I have my website with the encouragement of some members of another forum.

I have to say that I am a little unclear as to how the "blogging" works on this forum. Some people seem have a direct blog on here and others seem to link to their personal blogs - is that right?

Also, I use Google Analytics so I can see if my blog has been viewed but I would like to find out more information on who is viewing it, if possible, and in particular if it has any followers. I have come across "BlogPatrol" which is, apparently, a free blog counter service - has anyone used this? I am not very technical when it comes to websites and blogging I'm afraid.

I am hoping to use the blog to promote our gites though I am also trying to provide an insight into our property hunt in France as well as information on visiting Finistere.

I've also added a blogroll to my blog - have other people done this and is there any benefit to doing it?

Thanks in advance.


Turns out that Weebly "don't currently have this feature" - not impresse - I will pursue it with them. Thanks everyone for your help.

Weebly don't seem to "store" the images, or they don't give you access to them anyway - their edit options are the ability to crop, fade, rotate etc - no ability to rename the image - I've logged a ticket with their Support desk - lets see what they come up with! Thanks Shelia

Hi, I use a fair few freebie sites much for linking out as anything.. but in tandem with FaceBook Twitter ad Blogging...etc.

Keep checking back you probably have got a fair amount of milage from this thread alone.. just keep honing down the key words which are working and drop them in wherever you think fit... the rarer the word or 'word pairing' the higher it ranks, I even make words up Higgternet

Good luck

Maria, what are you using to edit your website with Weebly? Is there an option to go into the folder where your images are "stored" and edit their names there?

yup, that is one way to do it but they have a image upload facility which is the simplest thing to use - I will be back once I've found out some more...

might be the case.. you could always upload your 'named' pics here in a folder...and link from your blog to your photos page... or link out your pics here to a FB page...etc

I can see how your link works, it just seems mine are being renamed when I upload them - I do only use hyphens - must be something to do with weebly - guess that will teach me for using a "free" website builder - thanks again Ron, I will figure this out!

ah...sometimes if you use a 'scroller' or a template system the name will be overwritten...I always put hyphens in to separate the words.. never underscores. Google Maria Richardson Pool gites Ron SFN![](upload://wDfshIuvsGU6KtDcuH2lBAwCa0j.jpg)

Yes, so I see, I just don't know what I'm doing wrong with mine as they seem to be renamed when I upload them - I will take a look around my providers site - thanks for taking the time to do this, I know you are a busy man!

if you go to the link I just posted there is at least 250 pics ..all mine...if you click on any pic it will take you to the the source

yes, I can see that too - it's very odd as I have saved the photos with names like chateau-de-montbrun-dournazac-haute-vienne-limousin.jpg - I wonder if my host is doing something to them or perhaps the names is too long...

nope still reading90407732_orig.jpg an 4O088902_orig.jpeg ....means nothing to thespiders.

see this

OK I'll have a look..bear in mind what I see will differ slightly according to my browsing history!

Sorry I haven't got back sooner Maria, but we've been bust today in the Art Department.

There is no great mystique in re-naming pics pis succinctly and its very easy to do. You will see what I mean if you do the following?

Cll up one of your Blog pages with pictures on. Click and hold down your mouse button on a pics the 'drag' it to the side ( off the page ) to the desk top' and release. You will be left with a 'copy' of the pic ( screen resolution ) Underneath the pic in a bow will be the name the file was given.... DSC65438_mountain.jpeg ( of .tiff or .jpg ) Click once on the text and retype.

Ideally this should read like more of a descriptive story .... mountain-view-from-pool-at-gite-quissac-Nimes.jpeg or whatever it describes. You can then re-upload the pic with no loss of quality. Ideally its best to do this from the outset... but have a 'broad overview of what the flavour is likely to be...repeat elements those Key Words when you post here, on your site, ad in your blog.. in the text matter. Check the photos in my profile if you have time. Because of the rareity of the phrases the pics will go straight the top of Google images and soon after the 'normal pages too. Try Googling Issie Brookes or thewebcircle see the later and even check in images...every pic is mine

Ron, I have a favour to ask - I've updated the pictures on the blog with new names - would you mind taking a quick look to see if I have done it properly - I'd really appreciate it:

Hi Catharine

Thanks for the input. I guess I am blogging for a number of reasons, it is a way, it hope to promote our gites, also to share some of our experiences with regards to house hunting in France and also our love of the local area. I've secretly always wanted to be a writer in some shape or form but wasn't sure if I could "cut the mustard" so to speak. I'm a very fussy reader myself so I don't want to labouring under the false delusions. The few people who have been kind enough to give me feedback have been encouraging - so I will carry on!

Cheers x

Agree with Valerie (and others) - just be yourself!

If you are blogging for commercial ends, then unless you are 100% happy with your writing skills, then I would suggest you use a ghost blogger. I do a lot of this (not touting for business - really!!) but it does make a huge difference.

Good luck! xx

Je comprend! I've done a bit of research and I'm now busily renaming the pictures for my website - at least it will be easier for me to search for them too! Merci!

Hi Ron, useful advice, I think that I have understood most of it. I do try to write as "me", conversationally, though I am aware that there are keywords that will help (hopefully) to move me up the Google rankings in my "niche" area.

I will have a look at Shelia's WebDesign group when I have some time to focus on it properly.

Meanwhile, one question, when you talk about naming photos, from what you have said it's the actual name of the file, i.e. the jpg file to be specific and not the description that I have given it - is that correct? If that is correct, then I will need to delete the photo's and renamed them and upload them again I guess - I've just been replacing my photos as I hadn't appreciated the impact of using my full sized originals on the website....

Ta muchly!