Some stats about home insurance in France

Hi everyone,

I’ve just made a small infographic in regard to claims on home insurance policies in France. Thought you might like it :wink:

=> Click to enlarge and then click again to see it full screen

This is based on official statistics from the FFA and L’argus de l’assurance but I’m curious about your feedback. Have you had any claims and if so, in which category and for how much? Did it went well (all things considered of course)?


Your infographic doesn’t seem to work for me… perhaps it’s because you already provide our house insurance :wink:

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Ah ah… it should be public, are you on a tablet?

I’m on a few tablets - about 6 in the morning and 3 at night as well as an antibiotic twice a day for 14 days…
Seriously, no a PC using Firefox with Linux.

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Works for me and I’m also using Firefox / Linux!

Nice job on the document. We have only ever claimed once in the last 20 years and it was for some roofing that blew off in a huge storm in the Aude one summer. i think from memory it was all very easy and we got paid out.

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Clicking on the big picture it works but I was referring to the link provided above it entitled “home insurance policies in France”…

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I hadn’t tried that but just did and OK for me!

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Bizarre… maybe my ad blocker then…

Well done Graham!!

…I’ve looked at this thread several times…and only just noticed the “link” which is mentioned … the colour change is too insignificant on my computer… :roll_eyes: :joy: :joy:

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nice one :wink:

Roof being blow away seems to be the most frequent type of claim with climate change :wink:

We’ve only ever claimed for things caused by neighbours (touch wood), .basically flooding our flat with water several times. And has generally been a nightmare as insurance companies wanted to use “their” recommended repairers who were all rubbish.

(“As simple as Frenchly possible”, or “as simple as is Frenchly possible”? I prefer the latter, but the former also makes sense)

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