Somebody does not like me

I live on a road,bout 2 months ago a car drove past,the driver shouted something to me.As i don`t speak French ,i don`t know what he said.This has happened approx 10 times since.I have done nothing to him to cause it.Yesterday i was in my garden,his car slowed down ,he then spat at me,and put his finger up as he drove off.????.Not sure how to go about this.

Thank you for keeping us informed.

It's good to know that he is not doing that only to you, anyway. If the guy is just a loony, a good solution might be to let him shout and spit, and ignore him. I think I would also ironically wave at him as if he was an old acquaintance or the town idiot. And, maybe, develop a stratagem to ridicule him, but this might generate an interpersonal conflict.

Stay cool. Don't let him rot your life. :) Good luck !

Interesting one when we think about newspapers and TV reporting on mass demos in the middle of Paris. Media people running themselves silly with consent forms for every marcher in case they were photographed or filmed! Think the gendarme had had a lunch break bevy too many before coming up with that gem.

They'd struggle with the illegality of taking his picture especially as you had a reason for doing so.

Regarding the French person that does not like me. On my wife`s return,we reported to the Gendarmes. They knew the man from the pictures that i took,and told me that it would not happen again. They also informed me that it was illegal to take pictures of people without their consent,ant that all they required was his registration plate details.( I did wonder how i would have proved anything if he had not got a car?) .However the abuse carried on.We reported it again.A few days ago,a friend came ove from the UK who speak`s French and knows all our French neighbours asked arround.He informed us that the French also have problems with him and refer to him as a pain in the A...e..He appears to not like driving arround parked cars.When the abuse started ,a friend had parked outside our house to chat to me,so i just have to ignore him.This i can do Untill he spits,if he spits,then i will take it from there.

Thanks for all your feedback.

Regards Bill. ( please excuse Grammar / spelling).

Bill...I quite like getting to the root of this kind of situation...

When someone...or a group..displays hostility...Sometimes..there's an explanation that can be sorted out. So..I recommend ...before involving the police...which might make the situation seem worse than it is..getting a French speaking write a short message that you can hand him, yourself or ask someone else to do so....saying you regret not being able to talk to him in French...and you do not understand his grievance, however perhaps he could write it down for you..and you will get someone to translate. Clearly...if you feel afraid of physical attack..and the spitting does seem to be threatening..dont go close enough for him to cause any damage.

I suggest this because a misunderstanding about my own house...caused a group of local think I had no right to live in the property ... This was based at the representation of its *location* an oil a small local show...together with wrong information..that my house was no longer standing...and so no one could possibly be living here! (There is a high wall and it is not east to see if a house is here) was a complicated issue...with no one asking me directly...until M. le Maire himself...asked me outright..was I the legal proprietaire! The issue dragged on for months..because I had no idea what the problem that group of people saw it.

Some people were politely suspicious, one or two vocally aggressive or openly unfriendly.

Eventually..the whole situation was clearly understood and resolved, and there was no more bad feeling. My reaction, initially...was defensive and anxious...I wish that I had made the effort to *understand* the soon as it arose....rather than just hope it would go away! As in rural communities...that's the best way to keep the peace...

Shirley, I seem to have caused great offence by suggesting that I find offensive (perhaps not to other members in hindsight) that even in a joking way that an Irish, or Scot or other Gaelic speaking male would be driving past a particular house in France giving obscene gestures and spitting at the occupant. That is all. I have refrained from getting into an online discussion on this and will not say any more for fear of causing more indignation to other members than it's worth.

Maybe, the first time, he shouted something friendly & nice & got ignored & now shouts mean things, or has you mixed up with someone else, or is just loopy ... who knows. Find out who he is & go and ask him...

Shirl. I actually find the condescending prissy preciousness of some people more offensive than a lot of so called 'racist' stuff which seldom appears to upset the recipient but inevitably gives somebody else a chance to show how righteous they are.

Well, judging by the underwhelming response against what only YOU appear to think is a racist "joke" I'm guessing you're not.

I'm hoping that I speak for the majority of the membership who do not appreciate racist "jokes".

Oh dear, I'm sorry. Very amusing.

8 times a day ! Wow ! You must be a zen monk.

Something tells me that he is motivated by your house. Either it was in his family or he always wanted it. If I'm right, he might be simply trying to put you off the house.

8 times a day!!

You strike me as being a very patient man. I suppose the man is completely bonkers, or believes you are an escaped convict/pedophile/tax dodger/drug dealer/wife beater, or all of the above.

Is your wife back soon? I think you need to go to the gendarmes as soon as possible.

He passes approx 8 times a day,i have his license plate.My wife who speaks French is away at the moment.When she is back ,we will go to the Gendarmes,hopefully they can find out what it is that is bugging him.

Who are WE Michael ? Do you presume to speak for the entire membership or have you just purchased the business? If it's the latter kindly delete my membership.

Lighten up Michael, it was a joke

Bill, It sounds like this happens fairly often. Can you predict when he's likely to be passing and perhaps arrange to have a neighbour or friend who speaks French to be there to witness what happens? Of course, he may not do it if you're not alone - your friend might need to duck behind the hedge! Good luck.

"French offical channels can be cumbersome" - love it!

We do not need comments like this on the forum!!