Someone kill me now visa

We have been attempting to apply for long term visa since Dec however due to covid and border closure its not been possible. However at the beginning of week our hopes were up as borders opened so tried again today and guess what computer says NO . If its not login issues its something else so so frustrating . We have to attend the TSL in London so it has been closed so im convinced that were never going to get there . We cant book and appointment so cant book removals or ferry and we need insurance when go for meeting €€€€€ !!! Oh and each application is only 20 days and you have to start process anew !!

Odd really as some visas must be being issued for business travel and the like, as that is still allowed. Presumably you’ve contacted embassy?

Yep, borders opened earlier this month including UK :wink:

Yes the embassy farms it out to TSL so thought i was on the same application to husband whos managed to move forward turns out i wasn’t !! Best check all forms on line to make sure i had to phone to check otherwise i could have turned up expecting to move forward anyway both booked but not till April 16