Someone or companies to transport a car several hundred km?

I have bought a car in Paris and want it to be transported to my house. I live in S. Dordogne, about 600km. from Paris.
The car is probably OK to drive on the roads - i.e. it starts and moves ok, but it has no CT. Last time it was on the road was 2014; I will need to do some work on it before it is fit to be CT’d.
The car has been dry stored so I would prefer it to come down inside a vehicle or covered trailer and also some reasonable insurance against damage.
Any experience, please?

There are a number of companies here that transport individual cars from A to B. Last year we bought a car in Lyon and had it transported to Dordogne which cost about 400 euros.
Sorry i don’t have still have the company’s details but a
Google search should throw up some names as it did for me.
What I do remember is entered my details/requirements on an agency site and from there recieved many offers from owner drivers of car transportation.
Good luck and I hope you get your car home soon.

Surely, the lack of CT means it is NOT OK to be driven on the roads… ???

Well picked up, S. My bad wording … I should have said I’m sure that it would be ok to drive, mechanically, but of course not having a CT precludes that.

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That is why he asked for advice


Quite so… we all do our best… and I was gently querying what he had written in case he thought it would be OK for someone to drive it (on his behalf). :+1: :+1: :+1:

Perhaps a different question will get somewhere.
What is the sequence regarding registering a s/h car and getting the car CT’d?
Can I go to Paris again, take the car to a pre-arranged CT station while the Carte Grise is not (yet) in my name? I would have a receipt for the car. Plus, of course, insurance.
As I understand it, there are 3 types of ‘fails’ on a CT: Critical, major and minor. If there are no critical points of CT failure, can the car then be driven back here?

The car could be perfectly be safe but not currently compliant having been dry stored for many by years.
In fact it could well be be a lot safer than many ‘compliant’ cars.

Défaillance majeure means you have 2 months to get it fixed, critique is until the end of the day. If its not been used since 2014 I would at least fit new tyres and battery before driving it any distance

I was questioning the legality as much as the practicality… :wink:
If my car is Out of Date with its CT (as often happens with old cars which are being rebuilt/mended)… our Tester gives us a document proving the CT appointment, so that I can drive the car from our home to the Testing Station and have something to support the legality of that road-trip if the Gendarmes (anyone) decide to check… or heaven-forbid… there is an accident.
I obviously don’t make a CT appointment until I am sure my car is safe to drive and no way does the car go on the road until I am as convinced as one can be… that it will arrive safely at its destination … ie the CT station itself.

I appreciate what you are saying Stella which outlines the laws that we all follow.
I was simply expanding upon the OP’s comment that the car is driveable if not compliant.

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We won’t fall out over this… as I reckon we’re thinking along similar lines.

Yes, the vehicle might well be driveable… but for how long (hundreds of kilometres?? or just a few metres???) and how safely… remains to be seen.
A check in the Service Handbook will clearly state what needs doing/replacing and when…
Depending on just how long the vehicle has been laid up… this could quite possibly be a long list of things, by now… and these really need doing before the vehicle hits the road… ooops. :roll_eyes:
As the onus is on the Owner to ensure roadworthiness… in his place, (unless I could do the necessary overhaul first) I’d get it trailed home…

I have no intention of falling out Stella but as you seem to be missing my initial point entirely I shall say no more.

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Oh dear… sorry… night night.

Bon weekend.