Something close to my heart

By resolution 836(IX) of 14 December 1954, the General Assembly recommended that all countries institute a Universal Children's Day, to be observed as a day of worldwide fraternity and understanding between children. It recommended that the Day was to be observed also as a day of activity devoted to promoting the ideals and objectives of the Charter and the welfare of the children of the world. The Assembly suggested to governments that the Day be observed on the date and in the way which each considers appropriate. The date 20 November, marks the day on which the Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, in 1959, and the Convention on the Rights of the Child, in 1989.

So, SFN members and other who read these posts, today is important for me personally and professionally, especially having made a tiny contribution to the Convention before 1989 and somewhat more since. It is not only children's rights but many other human rights issues that matter to me and I would like us to see and celebrate such things as International Women's Day, for the disabled, minorities, victims of war and who ever else we can think of. We may find bones on contention here on SFN, but let us always remember our lives are usually better than many others.

So, happy Universal Children's Day.

I found it strange that we dont celebrate it here in France,my kids miss it as back in the Seychelles

its a big event with schools making huge parties and the children really look forward to this day whole

year long!!

Hear hear Brian. After living six years in Indonesia I look at my two children from time to time and think how lucky they are. I will make sure they realise this as well. Happy Universal Childrens Day.

Thanks Jane, the pictures from Gaza are sickening...

I find it quite interesting and heartening that the BBC Children in Need Appeal this year raised more money at the end of the night than last year, despite times being tough for many.

We thought that the interviews this year were more informative and personal and perhaps people could relate to them better and felt inspired to give.

It is a shame that Israel does not seem to be acknowledging Universal Childrens' Day,except with more bombardment.