Something in the woodshed

La Reine de Prusse has written a blog post about her DIY plans for when we move to France…

Who does the DIY in your house?

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La Reine’s blog has given me occasion to google ‘how to use a saw proper" :thinking::grinning: so thank you
Ma’am (C’est l’ etiquette correcte en Prusse?)

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I found something in the shed this morning.



It’s France so eat it!


No Mat, it’s a protected species :wink::rofl:

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OK add a bit more garlic then!


Maybe around the windows à la Dracula :scream:

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I think that it is great that someone is having a go and not too daunted by the prospect of DIY. I recall buying my first house and not having the money to employ a plumber to install a radiator in a very chilly previously outdoor toilet. I went to a library and checked out a book on plumbing. I did spill some water, but soon had a nice warm wc. I did the same sometime later regarding some electrical work and graduated years later to a complete rewire. Books on servicing and repair of sash windows helped too.
All of the work gradually increased my confidence to the point where I will have a go at anything. Especially since the advent of Youtube. There are so many helpful videos online.
Not only is there a sense of satisfaction, you know the work has been done properly, as you wanted it done and you have saved yourself some money.


OH broke into the DIY field when he accidentally went through a water pipe one saturday evening… we knew where the mains was, so switched the water off… phew…

Phoning plumbers, brought no response… except for one who said… come here to me and we’ll discuss things.

OH returned armed with blowlamp, flux, solder and other bits… plus a head full of information/instruction…

As you so rightly say… there is a great feeling of satisfaction with a job well done. His parents were astounded … and continued to be so for some time… as he went from strength to strength in the DIY field… :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

Now he can, and does, turn his hand to almost anything… with confidence… but he tires more easily and finds that very annoying…as things will take twice as long… :hushed:

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Your account of your OHs gradual mastery of DIY reflects my own Stella, some jobs take a long time to complete, often because I have to have longish periids of tooth-sucking reflection, redrawing of plans, re-measuring tolerances etc so as not to end up with a hopelessly flawed result. And materials aren’t cheap, recycled stuff sometimes hard to source, and infrastructure like a shed with power source, a bench and vice, not always on hand.

But doing one’s own work is a joy for lots of men, as one learns new skills and experiences new bodily sensations every time. And stays fit mentally and physically.

What’s the quote… measure twice and cut once… he now measures three times, just to be sure…

and yes, finding what you need can be difficult… most things/bits can be found at a price… but finding them at the right price for our pocket and for the job in hand… that can (and mostly does) take time and dedication…

but it keeps him happy and that is the most important thing… :hugs: