Something safer than a Stanley knife?

Missed the +. You may be able to get bigger ones ? In saying that, with that particular type of cutter, although it is much safer for the fingers, the bigger the cut length the less accurate it tends to be so possibly not suitable for your application.

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I have seen them up to 720mm in size.

I know this is probably a daft reply, but when I was using a trimmer, if i trimmed the shorter sides first, the longer side would then just fit, but it depends on how much margin you are trimming :thinking:

Different scenario - it’s a panoramic photo so is the full A3+ width but with big white margins top and bottom. These I need to cut off and then it will be mounted on a long artist’s canvas (narrower than a standard frame) covered in black paper. I’ve done it before - it looks good. Just trying to save my thumb while doing it!
I think a safety metal ruler is a possibility, thanks @Corona, with a scalpel thanks @Mat_Davies @DrMarkH . We’ve also realised that if OH is holding down the far end of the ruler and I am cutting away from him then the ruler stays steady and doesn’t skid. I’ve managed to do it, but want something safer, if possible, in future.
Thanks for all your suggestions.

I know gloves are cumbersome but I bought some non cut gloves for the framers at work not so long ago, accident book doesnt look so worn out now.:blush:

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I use a 4’ long steel 1/4" thick metal straight-edge that I bought in Graphic Access in Boston (MASS not Lincs) in 1988 - their range of straight edges included 6’ and 9’ lengths! Must have used it over a thousand times for all sorts of jobs - it’s possibly my favourite tool.

The advantages of a straight-edge are that it’s heavier, thicker and wider than a normal steel ruler, so it’s easier to hold firmly.

A quick search found this, which would probably be ideal, even though it’s comparatively light

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Finger Guard rules would probably work for you but I haven’t managed to find any in France …

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Hello Sue,

This is a long shot… I’ve just finished my move to the upper end of the Vienne. If it’s not too far I have a mat cutter that you can borrow.


Thanks Ant. In fact you’re some way away - nice idea. With OH help I managed this time and the two cuts were nice and straight and thumb is intact. The photo in question will be hung tomorrow.

I have one like that and lots of replacement blades but for the life of me, I cannot take the blunted blade out to insert a new one. Any tips please.

Flex back of blade up, push blade away from the handle. A small pair of pliers will help hold the blade

Follow Billy’s instructions above, but you might find it helpful to lift the rear of the blade with a thin tipped screwdriver then slide it forward with the screwdriver tip or pull it with square tipped pliers.

If that doesn’t work snap the side of the blade with the pliers then use them to pull it apart.

Thanks Billy and Dr Mark. I will give your instructions a go and see if I can do it. I’ve done it before but not for quite a while so it might be a bit set in there.

WD40? Clean well afterwards obviously. I use it for everything. I managed to release a point and shoot camera lens that wouldn’t close properly with a tiny bit of WD on a cotton bud. No detriment to the camera or the quality of its photos.

Its amazing what a little squirt can do :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Thanks Sue. OH has some in his workshop so will give it a try if stuck. It is very useful stuff for freeing ‘old joints’.

Corona. Are you referring to anyone in particular?

That phrase used to be WD40’s advertising strap line.

I’d be very interested in a link to the gloves you bought, if you’ve got the time :slight_smile:

These any good?

Thanks for the link, Vero. I’ll have a look at those :slight_smile:

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