Song for Dominic Cummings

Especially written in view of today’s news in the uk


It’s potentially a winner @Highlander and very professionally accomplished but the soundtrack is hideous and the lyrics almost unintelligible to my ear, can it be cleaned up?


Article in the Spectator this week by my cousin Alex, can’t do a link but it is called something like ‘why Dominic Cummings must go’


I hold no brief for Cummings and, from what little I know of him and his activity at the heart of Government, I thoroughly disapprove of him.

But I think his action over his sick child and wife is very understandable, if not very well judged for a man so prominent in public life, and thus I am loth to condemn him; nor do I think that majority public opinion will be against him.

Most fathers would have done something similar in the circumstances, and been wlling to take the flack that followed. I don’t think it’s a resigning issue, and predict he will keep his post.

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The thing is, published work by his wife about the situation during their illnesses contradicts his story, she and their child were managing just fine.
Plus, he has made two long trips during lockdown, happily spreading virus, not one.


I think you would find in the UK that the majority of public opinion is firmly against him,and the calls for his resignation are getting louder


The Cummings and goings of political figures is far more interesting than that of ordinary folks. We don’t get defended by Downing Street… Not that we breach lockdown.


His story is very plausible but it is just a story and a tall one such is the currency of the government.


It is incredible what they have been getting away with, there should be a film about it.

Subtitles are available if it’s viewed on Youtube

A YouGov poll has found that 68% of Britons think he broke lockdown rules
and more than half think he should resign …… and what is the chance of that I wonder :mask: :thinking:



Doesn’t he get on with his colleague Cummins Missus (and his meal ticket he’s a kept man you know… well a kept devious clown)?

Peter, you are a dear. Cummins is lying, his wife is lying and his child was never sick. If there was any truth in their story they could have declared up front what they were doing. Cummings didn’t feel well and fancied being safe Peter, you are a dear. Cummins is lying, his wife is lying and his child was never sick. If there was any truth in their story that could have declared up front what they were doing. Cummings didn’t feel well and fancied being safe with Mummy and Daddy rather than at risk in London, despite the large London house his father in law bought for them.

So many families and individuals have been stuck in cramped, lonely accommodation and this bastard does a runner to the countryside. Give me a break,

If his isn’t gone by the next PMQs I hope Starmer wades in. Bojo will be weak at the knees contemplating exchange.


I’m getting fed up with people flouting the rules because they know that even though that will not go unnoticed they will get away with it. At the same time millions of other people stickzing to an inconvenient lifestyle because they have been asked to do so for the good of their country.

The top three contenders on my list are;

  1. The two British families who have moved to their holiday homes in the town near me while claiming to be moving from the places in Spain where they spend part of the winter to their principle houses in the U.K.

  2. Gordon Ramsay who first moved his family from London to their holiday home in Rock in Cornwall and then allowed some of them to alternate between two other holiday homes he owns in the county in Fowey and Port Issac.

  3. Dominic Cummings for obvious reasons. Peter G shouldn’t be too quick to accept this privileged man’s pathetic excuse as only a few days ago he himself was describing the uncomfortable family position that Coronavirus has put him and his wife in.
    I found Cummings’ story particularly strange as on the same day that he was tugging at the sympathetic heartstrings of others with the tale of his poor, not poorly, son, his colleagues in government were telling the nation that children’s health was not a big enough priority to prevent them reopening schools even though that act will put lives at risk.

I broke the lockdown. On 10th May, at lunchtime, I walked from my home to the bank almost three kilometres away to initiate a new bank card that had arrived in the post. I knew that I should have waited 24 hours but decided to do it at a time when on my whole trip I probably wouldn’t see a soul and new that technically I could have carried out that task legitimately by taking the car but wanted the exercise. The big difference between me and those listed above is that if challenged I would have accepted the fine that could have been a consequence of my actions, those on my list smugly believe that they are above the law.


more dither, deny, distract from No 10

You missed Neil Gaiman who left New Zealand (probably the safest country in the world, 17 deaths?) and flew to the States changed to a UK flight. At Heathrow he took a hire car and drove to his holiday home in Skye - arriving just as many elderly were dying in the islands main care home
He wasn’t fined either

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Scotland’s chief medical officer Dr Catherine Calderwood- the very effective face of the virus battle north of the border - foolishly made a relatively short trip from Edinburgh to Fife to check on her holiday home.
When that was revealed she almost immediately resigned despite so important to the anti virus fight
Cummings certainly is nowhere near as important etc as she was - and he’ll not do the honourable thing


Good stuff, but I would have thought even more applicable to Ian Duncan-Slyme? It’s precisely what he has been promoting fr the past year or so (at least). Amazing that the oldies in Woodford Green (?) keep voting for this excuse of a human being.