Sorry about the whinging

I have posted a few items today and most could be perceived as complaints. The bit I missed was that my bad mood was tempered by sitting in my favorite wine bar next to the canal de midi having a calming beer- lots worse places to be on a glorious day like this !!

Now this made me smile Vic :)

All you need is an old building. Shabby chic seems to do it 'round here. This is our dining room!

Sounds like a franchise opportunity in the making - I'll be the Trebes Franchisee - only thing I am missing is the land and the wine

Mems etc? we couldn't agree on the wording ( well I am a lone Rosbif amongst the Frogs) so there ain't none. Other than that it's a bit autocratic. It's my place so I'm the chef:-) You get an awful lot of glasses from a 26 euro 10 litre box. We make an excess of about 1,000 euros a year which is "reinvested" in the company in the form of free BBQs & piss ups for the Bouley Boys.

Please send details of the Business Plan and Memo and Articles of Association (and source of 30c wine)

If you own the local "Shed" which is a private indoor Boules Alley where wine is "sold" by the Boules Co-op @ 30 cents a glass & smoking is actively encouraged the French world beats a path to your door & buys you alcohol;-)

Tell me how I get them to buy an Aussie a beer - whats the old saying " wouldn't shout if a shark bit him !!"

Well I've recently returned from an hour or so's libations, under the trees, outside our local Auberge in the town square. My missus was at a Vide Grenier upsetting the vendors so me & the mutt kept a seat in the shade for her. Amazing how many people you know who escape early on TFIF afternoons & are more than happy to buy a Rosbif a beer:-)