Sos - cpam

Hello all!

Yesterday I received a letter from CPAm advising that our cover has been cancelled. We have lived in France for 8 years and every year receive a letter to confirm our rights (copy of passport, EDF invoice etc.). When I received the letter this year I responded as normal, I then received a letter saying that because my husband receives a salary (we run a 3 bed B&B), we are not eligible anymore. I questioned this decision and received the refusal letter yesterday.

The letter mentioned RSI which I have never heard of. Can anyone point me in the right direction, or has anyone else been in the same situation.

Any help would be gratefully received.


Hi Sarah, thank you for this reply.

We do not pay anything to anyone. Will we have to start paying to RSI? I have contacted the RSi through the internet and am hoping for a reply today!!

For us this went "almost automatically", once we had registered our b&b years ago. RSI is the same, but for self-employed people. Just the usual amount of paperwork if you change from one organization to another.

Do not panic it just means you need to contact your local branch of RSI ( a working version of CPAM) and pay your cotisations etc through them instead of CPAM :)