SOS for a gorgeous dog!

Due to a change in personal circumstances, a good friend's daughter is having to re-home her GORGEOUS pup. I'd love to find her a home with some lovely SFN ers - can anyone help?

She is 7.5 months, training is in progress, she is a beauceron croise bouvier bernoit, VERY sweet sociable, affectionate and needs lots of cuddles! Any takers?

If you're interested, please PM me and I will put you in touch with the owner direct who can give you all the info on jabs, registration number, training to date and so on.

She is beautiful!! Bright as a button ..I hope she gets the home she deserves .

Thank you to everyone who Pm'd me. Lady has now been re-homed.

I am SO tempted!! She's absolutely beautiful!!

For anyone thinking about helping out, I can say that Beaucerons are wonderfull dogs. Jung is 2/3 Beauceron 1/3 German shepard and is as gentle as anything. He is now 14 and slowing up a bit but still great company.

Oh she is gorgeous!!! I hope she finds a great home soon!