SOS for an Adorable puppy of just four months

This poor puppy was found in the middle of a large village, St Antonin Noble Val, no one has claimed her and time is limited for her.

She is distinct as she has a deformed paw, probably (says the vet) from the mother standing on it at birth, but this doesn't worry her at all. About 4 months old, she is totally adorable, and again, the vet says, will become a medium sized dog of about 25kg as an adult.

Adverts have gone out in Ladepeche locally and as an animal protection charity, we've been asked to pass the word.

Ring me if you are interested on 05 63 94 73 97, she will be chipped before leaving for her new home

Best regards

Lynn pleased for this pup.Well done Lynn

Superb news - a warm, loving home for winter. Couldn't ask for more. I wish her a lifetime of love, good food and long walks.

This gorgeous girl goes to her new home tomorrow, thank you to everyone who passed the word around, Pet Rescue does it again!!!

Hi Nigel,

Not sure what is happening to my replies but our internet is strange this morning!

Best thing is to call me please 05 63 94 73 97, before 2.30 would be best if possible

I haven't a clue what happened ther Nigel - sorry!

I had said, PLEASE call me asap and I can collect the dog, keep her with me for a day or 2 if you are interested.

I will not be available from 2.30 this afternoon, but could pick her up on my way home. She is in the Tarn et Garonne, not yet in the pound but heading that way after the weekend if no solution is found.

I am sorry too that I can't offer to transport her as I'm stacked out but will happily hold her here.

Please call me asap 0563947397