SOS for Minnie

Minnie is a 13 year old female who lived all her life with her owner in a large house in the middle of Villeneuve sur Lot. When he died, Minnie was evicted from the house and left to fend for herself in the garden. After over a month living like this a kindly neighbour found out and contacted Chats du Quercy.

However, Minnie is not adapting well to being without company and is quite stressed at her situation.

We are looking for someone able to give Minnie the love and attention she deserves in a long term foster home.

If you can help or know someone who may be able to, please contact Lynn at Chats du Quercy 05 63 94 73 97

Thank you for Minnie, she is a very attractive, cuddly cat who deserves better!

Over the past week, Minnie has had a few ups and downs but will soon be ready to be rehomed.
If anyone can help or knows of anyone who would like to give Minnie a comfortable loving home for the rest of her life, please contact Chats du Quercy on 05 63 94 73 97
Minnie is proving to be a real character, gets on well with other cats and dogs.

Pauvre Minnie. Je souhaite de tout coeur qu’un doux foyer lui soit trouvé…