Sour Sop

One of my very fav fruits the Sour Sop is, apparently really really powerful in the fight

against cancer .....much more powerful than chemo.

Now I must try to get it imported to Grand Frase.

It grows in tropical countries and has a white fleshy fruit...and tastes wonderful.

Witchcraft....and Scientific theories possibly more inventive than the pot

of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Not ganging up, simply having fun with 'scientific theories' that are often a little more scientific than witchcraft used to be several hundred years ago.

Come on boys play nice.....

I know about strength in numbers but it is at least 4 against one.

The Age of Reason is turning into no real reason, Grub Street creates our ideas and the whole world should live on peanuts - in one sense or another, mainly the other.

Yes Barbara it would be great if it were true. Would that there were a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. When I see reports of the latest wonder fruit circulating on the web I wonder whether the Enlightenment and the development of scientific inquiry have ever taken place.

Yes David....but it would be great if is true.

On the note of custard apple versus sour sop....I much prefer the sour soup...

Not so fond of Rambuton but love mangosteen and my fav is the common lychee

but not the African ones. Star fruits and dragon fruits are almost tasteless.

We've had them from Grand Frais in Bergerac. Delicious but as to their miraculous anti -cancer properties they seem at the moment somewhat far from peer reviewed publication. See

I am partial to the occasional mangosteen too but having been in the Moluccas and had them completely fresh, the Grand Frais ones just do the same. Star fruit, dragon fruit and one or two other things make up a lovely bowl but between the lot of them taste like nothing. Mind you, I had a pot with dragon fruit growing outside my room in Hanoi which really pretty in an absurd way. All the papaya, mango and most varieties of banana are a total disappointment here because I have had them at source. My daughters refer to rambutan as hedgehog fruit...

Too delicious. Mangosteens!!! Mangosteens are heaven. I don't go a bundle on star fruit apart from the pretty slices. Asia ruined pawpaw and mangoes for me as they simply atren't as good here, pffff Rambut is the mean nickname some of my daughters give another of them (because she has a fine head of hair & they have a head of fine hair...) Loquats grow well here right down in the SE

Ah, guanábana as I know them. Picked them fresh and munched them straight away in Peru often. Viet Nam is a fruit paradise: Jackfruit (mít), star apples (vú sữa), sapodilla (quả hong xiêm), rambutan (chôm chôm) and lots of other things we probably all know. The problem is that when you travel a lot there are always new ones to find. For all of that give me a bowl of rambutans and I am happy. Having sat with an old monk who could tell the difference between lychees and rambutan, peeled for him and put in his mouth whilst his eyes were closed and even say whose trees they came from, I am still looking for the secret.

They have them in Grand Frais in Bergerac, at least they had a couple 10 days ago - also their cousins the custard apples aka Sita Phal, even more delicious (to me). They call the spiky ones Corossol and the smoother ones Anone in French.