Sourdough bread

(Wendy Wise) #1

Chris is making his first sourdough loaf. We started with a sachet of starter and mixed it as per instructions and have been feeding it daily. How is it supposed to smell? We were expecting strong yeasty, a bit sour, but to be honest it smells like sick! Is this normal?

(Wendy Wise) #2

We have discarded the first batch of starter and consigned it to the compost heap… We have started again with a Dan Lepard recipe, which includes raisins and live yoghurt and we’re now on the fifth day of stirring and feeding. So far it’s looking very promising and has a healthy slightly fruity smell. I’ll keep you posted!

(Wendy Wise) #3

Thank-you so much Dorothy, will pass on info to 'imself and report back on results!

(dorothy escott) #4

As i do n’t know what your instructions are my friend says it should be bubbly and pleasantly sour smelling. It should be stirred twice a day and covered with a teacloth. Ready in 2-3 days Biga is the Italian starter.Nothing about feeding daily

Hope all goes well 1


(Sarah Hague) #5

That sounds okay for sourdough. This is a biga

(Wendy Wise) #6

Thanks Dorothy…will ask Chris if he thinks he’s got a biga on his hands! The sachet was from a US company called Goldruesh.

(Wendy Wise) #7

Thanks Sarah,

It’s a sort of oatmeal colour and we have been stirring every day. It separates between stirrings with a layer of liquid, about a third of total volume, on top,

(dorothy escott) #8

Not an authority, but I think you have what is known as a biga. My friend, is an authority, and I will comb her books later on today and possibly give you some help. A la prochaine message DorothyEscott

(Sarah Hague) #9

What colour is it? I remember keeping some when I lived in the US and it sat in the fridge a sort of off white colour. The smell was pretty strong but I don’t think it was like sick.

If it’s pink or green, it’s gone off. Have you been stirring it every day?

Let us know how the loaf comes out. You can make lovely waffles with it too.