SPA Animal Welfare

Hi to all the animal lovers. I’ve just read a piece of info in the Charente Libre.

If you are thinking of making a donation to your local SPA (animal protection society), think carefully about making the distinction between the national association and your local one.

If you send to the national charity, the money will go to Paris and your local SPA will see very little of it.

It is very sad that the SPA demands payment of 100 euros before they will take a dog. We have just saved a lovely border collie cross from our next door farm where she was going to be shot because they would not pay this amount.

We've got receipts going back yonks & really must try & get them tax deducted as this is a bigger incentive to give more than the 150 euro limit for presents we set ourselves years ago which we now each give to the SPA where Mme Mutt was found. On our birthdays we always now go out for lunch followed by a visit to the SPA where I spend the rest of the afternoon reminding my missus that MM hates other dogs & is much happier on her own :-)

I think you are right Vic about the tax deductions.

Awww, what a lovely idea. I like you.

We always give money to our local SPA instead of buying presents for each other. Although I've never tried it I believe the donations are tax deductible .

There are many people who'd probably be dismayed that donations intended to help their local, struggling refuse had gone national instead so thank you for that Nick. Granted, the money will still help animals in the long run but if you had a specific refuge in mind this is definitely worth knowing.

Thanks for that, Nick, very useful to know!!