SPA: Dogs in France looking for a new home

8th/9Th October - open doors - everyone welcome to visit and discuss


Sounds like a good idea, but aren’t the SPAs open to the public most of the time anyway?

I think this because, some years ago when Phoenix often asked me to deliver dogs adopted from the Bergerac site, if it was a Thursday, I was told that I had to ring the gate bell and a member of staff would let me in with the car. But it had to be on the dot of 2pm when they returned from lunch.

The reason was that that day was the only one when the public was not admitted. And the reason for that, was because the vet was there all day killing dogs. This was because that SPA had a no overcrowding policy. I hated it but could see the benefits in comparison with the Perigueux SPA which had the opposite policy of never killing healthy animals.

When we first came to live here in '99 we went there to fulfil a promise to ourselves to adopt a dog. The result left me in tears, dozens of dogs in overcrowded cages, pacing endlessly with vacant eyes. This was compounded by the fact that, commendably, they would not let dogs go without being sure of a suitable placement. After our tour, in the office the man asked 2 questions. ‘Do you have a job? Do you have a fence?’ Having just arrived we had neither and the next comment was direct. ‘Come back when you have both’ The shortest interview that I have ever had.

I really hope this initiative produces good results. :smiley:

They are “welcoming the world” on that weekend… just as many other places/activities do… from time to time.

It’s a “Come and see us, the dogs, and discover what SPA is all about.” invitation…

Visit, view… discuss, discuss, discuss and… hopefully some dogs will be re-homed.

Interestingly Battersea Dogs’ Home refused us because we had jobs. They said we could not look after a dog properly if we were out at work all day. Having taken on rescue dogs after retirement I now agree. They bond with us much better because we are around all the time. We are the pack.

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There is a SPA ten mins along the road from me and I would love another dog but having been so deeply upset at losing my faithful friend last year, don’t think I could go through it again plus the costs of vets bills seem to be a lot higher down here than I ever paid up north and that has to be taken into consideration when you are on a very limited income. I would also worry about upsetting the neighbours if it barked a lot as we are very close in proximity to what I was used to, practically isolated.

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So true, I have lost count of the number of dogs abandonned or returned as badly behaved but really only wanted company during the day.


There are SPA’s near us that will let the dog come for a trial run and good places will have a fairly good idea of what the dog is like.

Some oldies are also sponsored for vets bills so if you think of how much you and the dog would benefit I would recommend you makes some enquiries :heart:

All reputable rescue and refuge organisations will do that, they are not in the business of forcing dogs on unwilling owners.