Special home needed - please read

Two very special dogs are going to need a new home shortly due to tragic family circumstances. They are presently in the Gers on a large estate of land. They are brother and sister, 3 years old, English pedigree, fully vaccinated, neutered and have up to date UK passports. For reasons which will become apparant these dogs will not be allowed to go to an inexperienced home and anyone who feels they can give them a good home that will suit their needs will be carefully vetted to make sure the dogs will be part of the family and given the time, space and environment they need. They are stunning Rottweilers who have been brought up as family pets and are very soft and cuddly - NOT for guard dogs or trophy/status dogs, or the hard image! They need to stay together because the male is mothered by the female and would not do well on his own. If you feel you might be interested, please email me and I can supply further information and pictures. Thanks - evelynelena@hotmail.co.uk

Can you send pictures so I can discuss with my husband. We have 2 other dogs and plenty of garden just wonder how the dogs with get on with each other?

Do they get on well with other dogs and cats?

Gorgeous dogs - I wish I could take them but I don’t have the facilites or funds. I have no probs about them being that breed either, it’s a crying shame I don’t have enough house space…

Hi Evelyn, just saw your post and wondered what was your news regarding the dogs, did they find good homes? I hope so.

Sorry we can’t help but hope they find a lovely home and how sensible to insist that any home will be checked.