Special Pony very very very loved looking for a new home, rider to big off to uni

Hi Everyone, Im back...

I need to sell/exchange ; As an x trainer and coach, I am looking to place my pony... She had full horse papers but is small and looks and acts like a mini pure bred. SHe is 8 years old measures 1.48m terrible conformation but amazing heart and great jumper. I have had her for 5 years she is ridden by my best friends daughter that has ridden with me for 6 years now, but she has no more time and is off to Uni.

I can bring her home to my place, but she will not be worked at all here, as she is too small for me. Big shame cause I adore her.

She loves to go out on hacks and jump gets along great with small gentle but confident riders.

SHe has done well in hunter and jumping competitions, think she even won a few in Bordeaux last year when she was on loan. Due to an old injury I no longer jump her over 80 cm in competitions. At the moment she is at a wonderful barn and goes on the walker every morning and is ridden one a week, if all goes well...

If anyone may be interested please get in touch with me. Priority is a good home. She lives inside during the bad weather and winter time... But needs her freedom to run daily with her play mates. She is very gentle but a little shy and is used to a very gentle hand.


There are several pictures of her in the forum Papaye....

Sent you both messages about meeting up!