Speed camera tickets, how to check if I got one?

I suspect I may have been flashed at an automatic speed camera a few weeks ago. I haven’t received anything in the mail about it and am wondering if there is way to check. I have heard that about 30% of speed photos are discarded due to shadows, glare etc. but I don’t want to count on that. And the fine is cheaper the quicker you pay it.
The problem is my address in France is just a name/location and in the last year I have only received maybe 5 pieces of mail.
When I purchased my vehicle the registration papers where delivered to a neighbor down the road who graciously brought them to me. Nobody lived here for many years and I think the Poste stopped delivering or forgot the place.

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On the three occasions this has happened, while I was a passenger, the speeding tickets arrived within 7/10 days. One had been received by my friends husband, before we returned from the UK :joy:
Sorry I cannot help with your question.

I think you also get 45 days to pay, without the cost of the fine increasing?

Not that I could possibly know… :slight_smile:

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Might be worthwhile having a word at your local Post Office and/or making sure that your letterbox is clearly visible, with your name in “huge” letters.

I’m not sure I understand. All addresses are basically just a name and location.

Do your PdC and Carte Grise have your correct address? If so, then you’d at least have reasonable grounds for non-payment.

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Thinking more on this… I’m wondering if you should have more of an address than you appear to have…
Adressage: By Law every commune has had to provide “road names” and “house numbers”…

Maybe you should check with your Mairie… as I think adressage has to be in place by 2023… for all communes under 2000 citizens.
The larger populations have had it already in place for for many, many years.

I’ve been “roadsign-spotting” recently, when we drive around… as the smaller communes rush to meet the deadlines…

Along the lines of the address, I went to the Poste and they said check with the Marie. I went to the Marie and they said of course everyone has a house number. They looked up my property and said ‘Oh, you have no house number. We will have to issue you one. The person that does that is on vacation. We will get back to you’. They did say though that once they figure out a number the town actually issues the plaque so as to keep the numbers uniform.
I used the same address for the vehicle registration as was on the tax notices.
But back to my original question. Can I go to the Police station and ask them to look it up? (we have a Municipal force as well as the Gendarme) Or are the tickets issued by a private contractor and the local PD has no access to that until its in arrears?

Our commune has been writing to all those who have still not collected their “numbers”. It’s mostly second-home owners, some overseas… some just elsewhere in France.

Once you’ve got “the address” you can inform all those who need to know eg Carte Grise, Utilities etc etc… although I expect your Mairie will give you advice about this… (ours handed out folder of information which has proved most useful).

Meanwhile, it can’t do any harm to speak with your local Municipal/Gendarmes one or both should be able to put your mind at rest…
We aren’t big enough for local police… but our Gendarmes (in the nearest town) are very helpful.