Speed Cameras

On the news the other day I saw an item that I took to mean that the use of GPS devices and certain mobile phones is now not autherised in France. I also saw the gendarmes conviscating such equipment. Any one else see this and is it true?

Salut Muriel !

Yes my quick answer could be read either way - anything that detects radars whether fixed or mobile is now illegal, again from memory I think they're talking about 6 points and up to 1500 euro fine plus you lose the radar detector. And using a mobile (read mobile phone) whilst driving is being clamped down on hard - hands free kits are still being tolerated but not sure how long that will last given all the road safety reports saying they're just as dangerous...!

For the full details here's the low down: http://www.securite-routiere.gouv.fr/article.php3?id_article=4024

Not sure how anybody can miss hearing about it, they've been talking about it non stop in the media!

Bonne route ;-)

It is not the GPS which is illegal, it is the speed camera warning system on the GPS. Tom Tom is updating its devices with new maps without any radar indication. You will still be able to use it for navigation purposes (mobile included). If you are stopped by the police they will indeed take your GPS or mobile if it has radar warning system.

Andrew, you are right about the mobile fine (no pun intended), but it is using it as a telephone, not as a navigation system which is illegal.

Just wanted to clarify as I wasn’t sure if you were talking about GPS and mobile phones in general or just the radar warning part.

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Yes it's true with huge, and I mean huge fines for anyone using the mobile radar detectors. They've also just increased the fine for using your mobile whilst driving from 35 to 135 euros (if I remember correctly)

When I updated my TomTom last week there was a notice informing me that the update would not only download any new maps but remove the speed camera warning system for French roads. It looks like it is true.