Speeding ticket timing

Normally a very careful driver (15 years plus NCB) I got caught speeding en route to Toulouse airport - returning to the UK as a result of a family emergency. I was doing about 8 kph over the 90 kph limit. I’ve never had to know the answer to this question before, but could anyone tell me how long it usually takes for the speeding ticket to arrive? I am stuck in the UK for the present, but will have to return to get the ticket and pay it before the charge becomes huge! Many thanks.

Was this a French plated car?
My one and only experience was that the fine arrived in the blink of an eye. Within the week for sure, I couldn’t say for certain because it was several years ago but I think probably it arrived on the 3rd day.

Mine was similar Anna first one in 56yrs driving :roll_eyes: significant reduction for quick ‘payup’ :slightly_smiling_face: Shame for you Simon, to have to make an unscheduled trip on top!

Yes, French plated car, registered to my French address. 3 days? Crickey - it’s going to be expensive! The offence occurred 4 weeks ago.

If this was a rental car you should receive the info from the rental company.

I agree about the likely delay in getting a ticket when it’s a hire-car involved.

I was flashed driving a car hired via OuiCar (not a regular rental outfit) and I got the ticket via the owner about four weeks after the offence. There was no delay penalty and there were several grace days allowed after I got it before I would lose my “prompt payment” concession. I paid online, and lost a point, but it was very graciously restored after six months of compliance with the citizen’s safe-driving requirements. I felt like some kind of Republican hero! :star_struck:

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It’s not going to be a rental if is registered at the OP’s home address.

Do you have a key holder to your address in France who can check the post for you?
Once you know if there is one, you can decide on the best way to deal with it.

and…if you do have a ticket, maybe someone can open it for you, give you the relevant telepayment number and then you can pay on-line:



https://www.antai.gouv.fr/ (with some hilarious stats!)

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You say that you got “caught speeding”. What do you mean? A camera flashed?
It might not have been you, and it might not result in a communication from the
authorities. I have been flashed but received no penalty. Fingers crossed, but
you need to get it checked.

Might be worth having a word with the Gendarmerie local to where you live in France… just a thought, if all else fails… at least “they” would know you weren’t simply ignoring the situation… :relaxed:

Thanks all for very helpful replies. This was my own car, registered to my home in France, so no rental companies involved. I’m pretty sure it was I who was flashed, as there were no other cars close by and I was speeding I’m afraid - rushing for a last-minute flight back to UK. Unfortunately, although I do have lovely keyholder neighbours, none has the post box key. So, I shall return soon (about 6 weeks after the offence) and see what the damage is! I doubt it’ll make any difference, but I may try pleading extenuating circumstances and see where it gets me. Thanks all again.

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Can your neighbours not speak to the postman, I understood that they have a letterbox key to drop
in parcels etc.? Stella, you have extraordinary faith in the gendarmes, I foresee a massive Gallic shrug!

Good idea re the Postmans ‘pass key’ perhaps!

This site suggests that automated fines are dealt with by the centre in Rennes. It suggests what to do if you happen to have your carte grise with you and you can guess what the fine would be (although if in fact no fine was issued, lord knows what confusion you’ll cause by sending them a cheque).
It also has phone numbers you could try.

Hi Ronald…

I speak from my own personal experience with Gendarmes from various parts of France… helpful and friendly… :relaxed::relaxed:

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Ask them to talk to pastie for you he has the ability to open the box im assuming.

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There is a website www.antai.fr it has several languages you can file a notice of appeal if you are late paying my fine was 90€ up to 46 days rising to €135 47 to 76 days rising to €375 if not paid within 76 days. I have filed an appeal as I got stopped in our Motorhome on the way to Portugal and explained I would not be back for sometime. Waiting for the response.

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Hi Anthony

That’s the most helpful reply I’ve received - many thanks. I am returning to France next week and expect to find a 7-week out of date penalty notice. At least I now know how to go about appealing or pleading mitigating circumstances.

Really? You’ll note I posted that website 5 days ago - but no offence taken :slight_smile: You do of course need the ticket to lodge the appeal.