Sporting Groups Lightweight

Hi, Are there any Lightweight sporting groups-persons on the Site? By lightweight I mean non herculean, definitely not Olympian standards..just mere mortals putting one foot in front of the other fitted with boots, robust trainers, ski's, raquettes(snowshoes). activities taking place in the mountains hills and valleys- sometimes camping sometimes B&B- always followed by good healthy food accompanied by fine wine and/or frothing Stella. Great conversation followed by stenorous snoring. Is there such a group? I would like to Join please...Patrick please excuse typo

Hi to all who have replied, such diversity - riding, cricket, badminton, Nordique walking etc,etc. I have just joined the Alpine Club and have managed to catch up with people (Brits,French,Italians) with whom had lost contact over the years (not that long ago!) It would appear that they also no longer wish to push(hurt) the body too hard and now excercise for enjoyment & the people interaction. For anyone that is interested the French Alpine Club has branches in nearly all Regions - Departments. If my budget allows, I will be moving soon nearer to Argentiere or possibly down to general area of Pyrénées. Just a postscript note the Limousin is a great walking area

Well I just looked at Patrick's profile, says he's at Glenic Lavaud in 23, just north of Gueret: so he's not too far from you, David and wife ...

We need to know where you are I think if we are to help!!

Hills, valleys, camping, B&B or camping? Do you have a horse? You are welcome to join me and my friends but be warned, French speaking only or maybe a bit of German.

My wife and I play Badminton at two local clubs (live in the Creuse, nr Nouizerines), play in tournaments and league matches, very socialble occasions, really helps us with our French.

Where are you? We have a Nordique walking group here.

Hi Patrick, Do you mean to talk about it on here or to actually go outside and do it?

My hubby plays cricket for a local team, English & French (when he's not away at work) we sit and chatter, have a lovely cricket tea and maybe a drop of wine, oh and always beer after the game. We're always looking for more players.

We are in the Gers, 32, don't know if you're anywhere near.