Spray foam insulation

Anyone had any experience with spray foam insulation, not the small tin stuff but the professional type, where, how, ifs, buts?

Do you mean the stuff thats sprayed under the roof tiles?

Yes, the very same

Yes, I would like to know more about this as well. We have an ageing slate roof and I have been wondering about having the underside sprayed with foam in order to sort of ‘glue’ the slates in place.

I’ve only come across this once, a long time ago when a friend (since departed) had it done thinking it would save his house roof. Total disaster, he ended up needing a new roof anyway which cost a lot more than it should have because of the difficulty of removing the now stuck together old roof, including most of the timbers.

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Yes I could see that becoming a problem, I have heard of other people using it for the same purpose, I want it for insulation between floor and stud wall, fed up with Rockwall so something more practical and easy to use. I brought two kits over from the U.K. a few years ago and used it successfully in the cellar on the ceiling between it and the lounge above. Now I can’t get it sent over cos of Brexit.

Probably already enough information on this thread. Surveyors hate it and my friends had it done years ago and another story of requiring a new roof through accelerated rot.
Whats wrong with rigid insulation panels like Reticel (Kingspan)? The hardest part is the accurate cutting or foaming of the gaps if you dont.
There are compressable tapes you can use around the edges for a perfect seal.

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It’s very successfully used in Canal boats but that is a very different application - against the bare steel.
Houses are very different and do need ventilation of some sort - Friends are about to start on a renovation of a stone barn/house near us and I have stressed the need for ventilation as well as insulation.

I would go to say mechanical heat recovery ventilation if its at drawing board stage.

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I have used that and Rockwool, these are the hundreds of little fiddly bits that are extremely time consuming and also 11’ in the air so I thought easier to just spray it and be done with it. It’s nearly €1200 for the amount of Spray we need so my other half has decided to cut and stuff by hook or by crook. After insulating everywhere else in the house I was looking for a cheat but it’s not a cheap cheat so…
We are doing the heat recovery in all the rooms and hopefully will be done for next year.

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Hello @larkbegin and welcome to the forum. What an imaginative first post - and so kind of you to include an advertisement for a California-based purveyor of spray-on insulation. I’ve asked them for a quote and I hope the travel costs won’t be too high.