Spraying the fields

Today I was woken up by the farmers tractor, I opened the shutters to be confronted, yet again, with him spraying a lethal smelling concoction on the fields of wheat. My house is surrounded by these fields and so I was trapped in the midst of this powerful aroma What is it they are spraying.? Is it dangerous to animals as my dog goes wild in the fields chasing grasshoppers. It almost smells like a disinfectant.

A lot of dogs, ours included, like to ‘snack’ on the fresh growth when they’re out - this is most likely where any poisoning is picked up.

We won’t go through fields that have recently been spayed for just this reason.

my in-laws are farmers and it’s frightening hearing about what they use! Plus there are more and more farmers who are now ill and incapacitated due to the products they’ve used/been exposed to - stay well away!!!

Thank you