Spreading disinformation - article

(stella wood) #1

Fascinating reading…

Sobering to think how quickly disinformation is spread through all the media… our own forum is not immune … (certainly with respect to those photos…)

(Jane Williamson) #2

Of course, the naysayers on SFN will not believe this.
Putin is a very dangerous man, he needs to keep his domestic audience fixated on non domestic issues as the Russian economy is in dire straits due to the plunder of the oligarchs.

(stella wood) #3

The naysayers (on any subject) will not be swayed by anything they do not choose to believe… that’s life… :zipper_mouth_face:

(Mark Robbins) #4

Those pesky ruskies and their maskirovka. They are past masters at this, been doing it for decades. The Americans aren’t much better.

(Peter ) #5

Some progress is made fighting Fake News