Spring in our special place in France

We are very lucky to live in rural western France where we have a mixed fruit orchard and large vegetable plot. It is a constantly changing space, and at this time of year it is bursting with life and the promise of summer harvests. One of the things I love is being able to have a daily walk around to catch up on it’s progress. Here are some of the things I noticed on today’s stroll; the daffodils have finished flowering, but the muscari are in full bloom and the tulips are just starting to flower. The rhubarb is bigger this year than it has ever been, and I’ve just cut nearly 800g for a crumble to have tonight! As it is a mixed fruit orchard we never have every tree in blossom at the same time, but today we have got; peach, cherry, pear and plum in various stages of blossom, and it looks heavenly. The apple buds are there, and they will flower soon, as will the quince I hope. The vegetable garden is still a little bare, but the onions, shallots, garlics, lettuces, raspberries and strawberries all seemed to have enjoyed the morning rain.

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