Spring Photo

A friend collects a certain variety of small snail from her garden… no idea what she does between that and finally tossing them in a hot pan… but they are delicious when they end up on my plate… :relaxed::relaxed:

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The folk in my village in Portugal gathered them (in the ‘snail’ season), they were good, small, ate them like winkles :slightly_smiling_face:

The small-snail is due to my friend’s Charentaise upbringing… …previously, I had only eaten the larger dark snails… in a variety of sauces… yummy

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This morning La Bastide de Sérou (09) - one of those days!!
(funny shape - taken on phone!)


Nice Simon, they are flowering here, SE56 too :slightly_smiling_face:

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Simply stunning …

I know I know…I was just walking from the car park to the post office, looked to my right and there it was - took my breath away. So bloody clever!

Well they do say better to be born lucky than rich ! Seems that you have got it all down to a fine art Simon! :wink:

LOL - not really Ann - I can royally f*ck it up sometimes !! :slight_smile:

Now I know why you are off to the UK…it’s that invite to THE wedding, not sure I would call it a royal f*** up though :wink: Is it you that has been chosen to be part of the catering team then ?

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Would just like to point out, in fairness, it’s Madam who is the p’oto graffer in this ‘outfit’ :+1:

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Achilly Spring day at Gris Nez near Calais


Oh, I can almost smell the ozone… wonderful… :hugs:

Why are the stones standing up like that??? Really beautiful where u live!

I think they might be people walking the beach …

Or it could be the OP with the megaliths in the picture that Meghan is referring too

Its the photo by Bill

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