Spring Picnic!

Hello All!

We are thinking about a picnic, 21st or 22nd of April in Mirepeisset. What we need is a show of hands on 2 counts.

We have an offer from a member to cater it if people pay a small amount to cover costs, or we could get Traiteur made paellas also incurring a small payment, or option 3 everyone bring something.

So Answers on a postcard please reply below to say Saturday or Sunday would be better, and option Catered, Paella or bring a dish.

Ok, I'll put it up as an event and see what the response is!

Sounds a lovely idea Miles, Sunday would be my preference as we're busy on Saturday.

Either catered or bring your own. Not keen on paella.

Sadly we cannot attend but it sounds like a great idea.

Saturday catered or bring your own

but good idea !

Sounds great, count me in, my preference would be catered but other options fine also.