Spring sales!


If anyone would like to put a free business ad on my bilingual property and tourism website, let me know. I cover the 24, 46, 47 and 82. The ad goes in the business directory and will be looked at by all the clients I meet through the four estate agents I work with. I am always being asked ‘Do you know a plumber, cattery, cleaner, roofer…’ and new clients looking at properties on the site will come across your ads too.

All property ads (sales and rentals) will be half price until Easter.

Let me know if you are interested.

Liz www.bluebaguette.com

Hi all,
If you go on to www.bluebaguette.com, click on create an account (which just means putting in your name and address). Then you can put on as many ads as you like with the promo code 'grapevine’
Offer open to anyone who covers the 24,47,82,46 areas.
Thanks for your support.

I like free - let me know what I have to do!