Spring the clocks forward... reminder

Just in case anyone’s overlooked/forgotten…


I’ll set my alarm to get up and change the oven and microwave clocks at 02:00


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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: gracious, that is true dedication.
I was intending to kick the clocks on my way to bed… :wink: :wink:


It’s annoying. We’ve quite a few timers around the place that need to be reset twice every year. They should all get their time from a central source, like even the cheapest Lidl clock can do :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I guess now is the time to confess that we do have a few clocks which never got changed last October… ooops… but at least they’ll be telling the correct time from 2am tomorrow… :wink: :rofl: :rofl:


I just did allmine as I normally forget.

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Not worth it for 6 months

Time is an illusion…


When I was still working, I used to keep my watch 15 minutes fast. That way I was never late and always felt like I had breathing space.

Anyone checking my wrist for the time would freak out.

I drove around for about 12 months with my car clock half an hour out. I can’t work the damn thing out and kept forgetting to ask DH to do it. When the clocks changed it was great, 1/2 hour behind instead of ahead :rofl:

But you also knew what the real time was and would subconsciously see the real time.
Throughout my childhood we had a clock which sat on the sideboard next to the dining table which was purposely set 5 minutes fast, in fact it took me a long while not to read other clocks in the same way.
My siblings and me knew that we had to leave the house no later than 7.50am to catch the school bus when of course the clock said 7.55am, its all kidology!
The clock sat in our family home for 60 years and for all that time it was ahead of us.

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Time is relative, reality is an illusion

It’s really not worth doing this for us. On average we have at least a couple of short power cuts every month. Plenty other clocks around.

When we have had the odd power cut, it left the clocks blinking and the ovens wouldn’t work until the clock was reset. Perhaps for safety?

I used to think working life made me a scheduled slave to time. Now we have dogs, so nothing changes.

Morning all

Going forward an hour is not too much of an issue.

I have lots of clocks chez moi that you can only wind forward.

When we go back an hour takes me ages

Something to bear in mind for the next move of Daylight Saving ……

It is recommended that mechanical clocks and watched should only be wound forwards to alter the time.


Digital you can whizz however you want.

I love summer time. Can we keep it please!

I feel very satisfied when things that I expect to work, do work. My wireless-controlled kitchen clock wound itself forward one hour, around noon today, to comply with summertime.

Am feeling smug!


I don’t have anything at home that springs forward automatically but do have a few that respond to a good wind up.

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What time is that appointment?

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