Ssh, Poetry Chapbook by John Eliot

Ssh, Poetry Chapbook was published May First.

The initial run the publisher sent me have sold out. Thirty copies, good for a poetry book.

It is available on Amazon, Waterstones, Book Depository and if you are in the UK good bookshops.

If you wish to have a signed copy, then let me know. I shall be ordering a few more.

Comments on Amazon:


Each a five star.

1. Not much for poetry, but this little book could change my mind! It was so well thought out, the ideas and feelings written about very sensitively dealt with. A beautiful book, with, for me 'The Mother' being the poem I have gone back to again and again.
Loved this little book! Thoroughly recommended.

2. I really love this book of poems by John Eliot.
Physically it is a beautiful little book, just the right size to hold in the hand or slip into a pocket or bag: and at the moment, because I've not had it long I really do feel I want to keep it close to read a bit over again. The poems are unbelievably revealing; in a few lines,with ordinary words they show a truth that keeps me thinking and stirs me up. That is real poetry! When the poems are too disturbing there are the beautiful drawings to look at It is a gem of a book and a great discovery for me. If you don't read poetry I'd urge you to give this a go!

3. John Eliot's poetry is insightful and well-crafted with a keen sense of observation in 'Ssh his superb chapbook illustrated by the talented French artist Anne Lamali.