SSN Card still not received

I received temporary SSN on in the month july 2019.till now I dididn’t received my permanent SSN card and also didn’t received the form(which we will fill and and paste the photo).
To whom I need contact to get the permanent SSN.
Iam living in Toulouse.


Hello Vigneshwar and welcome to the forum.

What does SSN stand for ??? If it is Social Security Number (?) - call in at your local SS Office and ask them what is happening.

ThankStella for your response.
Yes ,social security number.
I didn’t get the contact number of local office.

If you only received your social security number last month then it is early to except to get anything else. Remember half of France is on holiday!

I think what you are expecting is the form that you fill in and add a photo to to get your carte vitale? I don’t know that you ever get a special card with your social security number on it - we didn’t.

More importantly have you received your attestation that you have been accepted into the health service? With that you can get everything that you would get with a carte vitale.

Go onto and you can find out where your local office is and contact details

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“Numero d’immatriculation”… is that similar to the carte vitale…?

I’m a bit confused, as I went to two meetings: the first, with RDV administratif (no name indicated on the meeting confirmation document), and the reason for the meeting was stated as ‘immatriculation’ (whatever that means?) and the nice person I met with told me to come back and make a second appointment after I’d obtained two necessary documents. I got the documents, and went back to make the appointment as directed, and after a couple of odd things (no longer any appointments provided in the town and the person I’d met with was no longer available … but my french is not good so I didn’t quite understand what had happened), I finally decided to go to Angouleme for help making the appointment: someone in Securite Sociale office there found my record of the first appointment, and subsequently made the appointment for me.

On the day of this second appointment, I arrived only to find that no appointments were being held there. By sheer luck I finally found the place for the second appointment (not in the town it was supposed to be held in…I guess Angouleme HQ for Securite Sociale didn’t know to not make the appointment in that town, when they’d set it up for me). The final odd thing: the reason for the meeting (motifs du rendez-vous) with the RDV administratif for this second meeting, was noted as totally different: entree PUMA. At any rate, the meeting took place, the person I met with was nice and I received an email a day later confirming that all was received successfully and would be processed as soon as possible.

So today I’ve received a letter from the CPAM office in my departemente, with a provisional number. The weird part is how the letter states that my ‘employer’ has requested my ‘immatriculation a la Securite Sociale’. I don’t have an ‘employer’ as I’m not currently employed, nor was I at the time of the appointment with the RDV administratif last week. The letter goes on to state that ‘votre numéro définitif vous sera communiqué dès que les informations sollicitées auprès de l’Insee nous seront transmises’. Which translates to something like: ‘your final number will be communicated to you as soon as the information requested from INSEE will be sent to us’.
I will just sit tight and wait for the next response. But, in the meantime, I can’t help feeling a bit uneasy about the wording of this letter… especially the statement about my nonexistent employer who requested my immatriculation… and then the information requested from INSEE that is supposed to get sent to Securite Sociale office… I feel a little bit wrong-footed.

Any suggestions what I should infer from this? Am I doing all right so far? After all, I have been given a provisional number. Starts with an 8, which is good, since I am indeed female.

I guess I get a bit confused with the words ‘immatriculation’, ‘PUMA’ (not mentioned in this letter I received, by the way), and CPAM (which was in fact mentioned in the letter).

Clear as mud, I suppose. I do like mud…sometimes. :wink:

Thanks for your patience, for reading all of this…

Hi Mary… any chance you could scan and post the document you are talking about… might help to see exactly what is actually says about non-existent employers…

Hi Stella,

I could scan it, just without revealing the numero provisoire, since that’s kind of personal…?

of course, cover up sensitive stuff…

I hope this is okay; instead of scanning I took a photo and uploaded:

Mmm… I’m wondering if this is just a standard letter… which means it might well have stuff which is not actually pertinent (the employer bit).

Whatever, it gives you a SS number and says that you will be reimbursed under that number.

It also confirms that the Offices which are dealing with your Health bits - will be CPAM (Charente) - I think you know where their local office is… if not check it out. There is more than just Angoulême …:thinking:

I suspect that you will need to complete a claim form for any Health bits and bobs which you pay for … until you receive a Carte Vitale - you can send the forms to CPAM or drop them in to your local office. (I think)

but having the SS number should mean you can now apply for a Mutuelle (topup) Insurance…

Others will chime in with their thoughts, but I think you are on the right track - you have a number - hurrah

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Great to have your thoughts and also your suggestion regarding applying for the Mutuelle insurance. This was what Fabien Pelissier had said, I believe, when he’d set up the (cancel-able) topup insurance I have at present. So now I will contact Fabien and see if I can cancel what I’ve got and go with a Mutuelle and probably save a good bit of money.

Thanks very kindly.


Get back on to @fabien… and ask his help to sort the Ins out - he is very reliable… :relaxed:

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and check out your nearest CPAM office on the link…

Then you can drop in and check with them if you are still unsure about the employer bit.

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Should I perhaps just sit tight, though, and see what happens? If, as you say, it’s a form letter… Might be good not to go to CPAM office quite yet… it might stir things up.

Fair comment. Let it lie for the moment… if you hear nothing after a few months, then perhaps a quick chat with the local CPAM just to verify what is going on… :thinking:

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