Ssshhh! Sneak Preview of the next edition of French Week

(Catharine Higginson) #1

NEWS: Data protection? The government has been selling your personal details for years

PEOPLE: The brilliant but shy face behind Wikileaks' website host, and his adventure wringing an answer from the French justice system

FEATURE: French Londonians: why they chose to live and work in France's fourth largest city and their take on British society, business culture and way of life

MONEY: Tighten your Christmas belt – January's looking grim with rising costs to healthcare and insurance

All this and much more in the latest issue of French Week, in the newsagents on Friday December 17, snow and strikes permitting!

(Judy Mansfield) #2

Looks an interesting issue! I helped write the MOD's input to the Data Protection legislation, and then ran training courses on it (and which I still do for First Rate FX), so will be looking forward to finding a copy of this paper to buy (not many to be found round where I live)