St Clementin Litfest. (Deux Sevres 79)

Earlier this year I trekked to Wales in the driving rain for the Hay Festival.

I went with the family and had a wonderful time, which you can read about here if it interests you to do so.

Imagine my delight a few years back when I found that we had our very one "Lit Fest" going on just a few miles down the road from my home here in France!

Sadly, I was unable to attend , but will be going this year.

What an excellent thing to have organised on your own doorstep - and no freezing rain either!!

Here are the Litfest details.

If you live in the Poitou Charentes why not come along?

I went along last weekend to the Litfest, and was delighted by all the speakers there.

Highlights for me were Blake Morrison and crime writer Leigh Russell.

I was very impressed that the final day was totally dedicated to all things French and was packed with French authors, writers etc.

I made a few scribbled here about it, and would heartily suggest you look out for it in 2016.

Such a shame it is not annual, but local writers Gordon and Jocelyn Simms will probably need at least a year to get over it, along with all the other helpers and organisers.

Well done!

Bravo to the organisers of the three-day St Clementin LitFest which concluded yesterday. We were bowled over by the quality of the event, the variety of presenters, the ambience of St Clementin itself and of course the friendliness of everyone we met. How a tiny, out-of-the-way place (albeit a pretty one) can plan something as ambitious as the LitFest and then pull it off ought to be an inspiration to everyone else who's wondered whether an event would be supported. Here's the proof that it will be. Huge congratulations to Gordon and Jocelyn Simms and their band of helpers. Encore SVP!