St. Patrick's Day "Lá Fhéile Pádraig"

Saturday fortnight will be St. Patrick’s Day, and is probably the most widely celebrated saints day in the world. Saint Patrick’s Day is a public holiday in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Newfoundland and Labrador, and … in Montserrat! Who knew!!! (source: WikiPedia).

What are your thoughts on this day. Love it? Loath it? Is it marked in any way in your area of France? Any funny stories, memories or photographs? Do you spend the day as normal or do you have the urge to throw on something green and seek out some other "Paddies" and raise a glass or two?

A good read - will resonate with many, I think. Featuring two of our many talented contributors her on SFN.

Well, that's Paddy's Day put to bed for another year. Here's a link to RTE News which has a couple of short clips of what happened in Dublin and around the world. I didn't know they turned Table Mountain green!

And well done England. Seemed like there were twenty white shirts on the field. What about that scrum Sheila?

Well done Wales. We will be back next year. Do I see a Guinness on the horizon?

in pink that would be.... pukey. let's put soppy valentine in his place - a pink, soft and cuddly cupboard somewhere

Happy Paddys day everyone. Just watched Scotland disappoint my grandsons now ready to watch the big one. Will need a Guinness this evening no matter what the result.

Wales win the Grand Slam on St. Patricks Day. Here in Vianne we will celebrate our national holiday with a party in the local pub for about 40 French and 2 Irish! Some Guinness, an Irish quiz, plenty of "craic" and Irish music on disc only (unfortunately). This will be the fifth annual celbration of St.Patricks Day here in Vianne. We say farewell to the 6 Nations and welcome back the H-Cup. Never too much rugby!

I shall be in my Guinness t-shirt (maybe with my Irish passport!) at the Red Lion in Pau tonight!!

did you see halfpenny's 52m penalty, worth an extra guinness for the kick of the tournament!

Yes, wasn't a great game. When they've finished flagellating themselves, no doubt the wooden spoon will be produced by the coach and a sound whipping will ensue! Hope shoulder continues to improve.

just felt very sick thinking about all that pink... good point. quirky as it may seem I am now rooting for wales to make the clean sweep, my lot have now got to walk home in bare feet using those whip things saints used to flagelate themselves with...

Good point, but I think Paddy might pip Valentine if you take into account the fact that so many entities celebrate Paddy's Day, including countries. You don't see Sydney Opera House being turned pink for example. Just a brief thought, trying to think and type as I watch rugby - not working is it?! :-)

I had a look at a very 'learned' book on saints. A couple of saints whose names are not used specifically have big religious days and Valentine actually appears to pip Paddy to the post. But fair does, this must be the one where people enjoy themselves instead of either moping about or going gaga over a fantasy love down the road.

We have two days of celebration hereabouts at the Chez Nous Irish pub where they did Paddy with an Irish dinner and music last night and today are doing part two around the rugby. Bloody shoulder has prevented me being there but normally I'd have done a fair bit of both days. Our St Andew is an utter bore and outdone by Rabbie Burns who wrote the most universally sung but little understood song that is prolific on one day a year and pops up on many others. So, as your average non-religious, Beamish loving sympathiser, let's work on Paddy getting the number one spot ahead of all the serious, boring holy joes.

Happy St Patricks Day to all. Nothing going on round here as far as I am aware - so I will take your advice, pin some clover on my coat and go out like that!! And have a few at home here later. Good luck

Danny Boy as interpreted by the Muppets!

Hi all, pdyy's day, ha? Well, I'll surely be working that night, but after the service, I will most likely don my Limerick jersey, and head to my local (not an Irish pub, but the owner's wife is a Scot) He usually gets Guinness promotions, and a good live band for the night.

One pint of Guinness will possibly be drank, but as it's absolute muck over here, I'll be switching back to lager pretty lively.