Stable door

Quick question, what do the French call a stable door, I have had a look as we need one on the stables conversion and can get them from the UK ok but I am finding it difficult to find them here.

Porte fendue en deux feuilles. Or lots of other horsey variants here

That’s what I thought it was, I was sure I had seen them in Leroy’s but It looks like they don’t do them anymore, just about all our outside doors (and there are quite a few :laughing:) are stable doors which I like.

Porte fermiere.

That’s what we have in our house, although some are deux feuilles others just have an opening vantail in the top half.

Yes Leroy’s have those but not the twin opening we have everywhere.

As I understand it the ‘porte fermiere’ is in two distinct parts both seperately hinged to the frame. We have a couple and one was hand made by a charpentier and that is what he wrote on the facture.
It’s possible that as with ‘lucarnes’ there are many names that vary from region to region.

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Strange - google says lucarnes means dormer window.

Maybe get them from Spain?

Or, get a local carpenter to make up a new door, especially if you already have existing doors that can be copied.

Yes it does mean dormer window Sue but I was commenting that there are many terms in France for dormer windows.
Around here in Brittany it is ‘lucarne’ and stable door is ‘porte fermiere’ so I thought that might help. is the place to look at, because they help with converting old buildings into horse stables!