Stage de Formation

(John Jarvie 2) #1

Hello All,

I am trying to register as an Auto-entrepreneur and find that I have to do a 'Stage' of 5 days costing around €400. Can anyone out there tell me what this is all about? Can I avoid it? Thanks for your help.


(Rachael Fillatre) #2

Hi Elaine, I think maybe you are right, I just thought that it might have been worth a try as just a "job seeker" as oppose to someone receiving benefits. They are not always helpful thats true, it depends on which member of staff you fall upon and how jobsworthy they are.

It has all got a lot tougher since the new government (you'd think it would be the other way round bearing in mind it is now socialist). Also the current government is apparently anti-autoentrepreneurs so the whole situation is getting tougher and tougher. I know they are trying to get rid of cowboys and "arnaquers" but at the same time it effects all of us innocents! We know of a few people that are now quitting as they think that most of what they earn is going to the government.

(Martin Williams) #3

Yes I put a link up earlier, it's in there about it now only being 1 year exemption.

I doubt poor departments are exempt, i'll have a nosey around for you.

(Elaine Rogers) #4


It seems the CFE tax is now only exempt for one year for new AEs.

But I have read (somewhere) that in certain departments you can claim complete exemption - esp the poorer departments (including mine 09) - can anyone confirm this??? Or am I dreaming :-)

(Elaine Rogers) #5

Rachel, our experience with The Pole Emploi is as follows - they were not helpful unless you were actually in the unemployment system - as in receiving benefits. And that is near impossible for an expat arriving into France unless you already are claiming from country of origin or have worked in France.

They will simply direct you to the AE site or Chambre de Metiers of Chambre de Commerce or equivalent.

Our Accountant says they (the state) have brought micro enterprise and AE together to simplify the process - then you have private limited company after that.

Still could be corrected on this as I'm sure the advice you get can differ from each department and each office.

(Martin Williams) #6

The course has always been compulsory for artisans, although most Brits never knew, it's only this year it's been brought in for everyone who signs up to AE.

It's still not known yet if they will make all AE's who have previously registered do the course, mainly due to the amount of people on AE, so this maybe limited to people who have registered within the last 3 years.

The CFE tax is only for people who have been registered for more than 3 years, i.e, we registered 2011, so we're exempt for 11,12,13, and now pay for 2014.

(Robert Scotton) #7

Good thinking Rachael.....

I do hope so even though I have my doubts.

(Rachael Fillatre) #8

I wonder if you go via Pole Emploi (job centre) if it is free? ie if you class yourself as currently unemployed and want to start "a business"? Does anyone know? Before the auto-entrepreneur status came in a few years back and you only had the choice of becoming a micro-entreprise (or whatever) I'm sure this sort of stage was compulsory, but free. Just clutching at straws on your behalf John :)

(Jillian Baudry) #9

Hi yes apparently this is a new initiative for artisans. I didn't have to do it when I registered a few years ago but my husband has just had to sign up for it. He went to the sign up presentation. It's basically about how to run a business as an Autoentrepreneur and details about tax, the specifics of how to invoice etc. There are different tax rates payable to the URSSAF depending on whether you are selling materials or providing services or a mixture of both. There is also the CFE (taxe foncière for businesses). Not aware of any way around this unless maybe you have been previously registered?

Don't forget though that all this is a breeze compared to the hoops someone setting up a regular private limited business has to jump through :-)

Good luck!

(Cheryl Carter) #10

Hi, my friends husband is just going on the course next week so he will find out, they have asked if he requires an interpreter or he can bring his own ! if he requires one, but only 180Euros for the course here in the Mayenne

(Rachael Fillatre) #11

Just looked it up and it seems like a new thing since June (see below). What a b*mmer! I didn't have to do that. It seems really mean, and expensive. What with that and the new CFE tax it's enough to put you right off! I think someone else on SFN might be more informative though because on reading further I think it depends on what sort of entrepreneur you are. It seems to be only artisanal.

...depuis le 20 juin 2014, tout nouvel entrepreneur exerçant une activité artisanale à titre principal doit suivre le stage de 5 jours. Son coût peut atteindre 400 €, il est fixé indépendamment par chaque Chambre des Métiers et de l’Artisanat (CMA).

(Christine Borrow) #12


Are you sure it's compulsory ? ( I'm not an AE - just considering my options at the moment )