Stamped passports

My husband and I have just returned from the uk with the eurotunnel. We gave all the relevant paperwork to French customs including our 10 year permanent residency card that we received 2 months ago.
The custom officer went to stamp our passports when I explained to him we are resident in France and insisted we didn’t need a stamp. He informed us that even though we are permanent residents we still needed a stamp regardless. He stamped our passports and gave them back saying you need it because of Brexit. Is this now going to cause us problems when we try to exit/enter France or EU?

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No, your CDS trumps what he has done. At this stage I understand there is no computerised control, they are not coming until next year so there shouldn’t even really be a record of the stamp.


Just to echo what Tory said, shouldn’t have happened but in practice little you can do to prevent it.

It is disappointing that training for the border guards seems lacking.

Hopefully no-one will come chasing in 90 days time.

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Oh well, that’s Eurotunnel off my list then for any trips to England! I hope the one you got is not rotating round the Channel ports :-).

Probably recently recruited agency worker like many are in UK.

It doesn’t negate the necessity for training, especially as they are checking on the border between the UK and France.

I would imagine its to check those who have CdS are actually in France and not flouting the plan as tourists.
Cant blame eurotunnel, these are gov officials.


Do you really think that the Border Force have the capability of checking which CdS are forged when folk are still waiting to receive them?

Who mentioned anything about forged? I meant people like myself who may have gone for CdS but are not yet living in France. Stamping passports would give some an idea of patterns of residence.

I think we have already had this discussion and the outcome was that it is not right to stamp passports of those who are legally resident in France.

It isn’t but I don’t think it actually does any harm :thinking: