Stand share at French Property Exhibition. London 18-20 September

Stands at the French Property Exhibition ( have now been released to 'new' exhibitors. The rate is £245 per square metre, minimum 4 m.sq. = £980 + VAT.

I am a Chartered Surveyor offering pre-purchase surveys and condition reports in Brittany and wonder if anyone is interested in sharing a stand to defray the costs and provide mutual cover over the three days of the show.

My ambitions are simple: the highlight the importance of commissioning a survey before entering into a contract ("buy an asset, not a liability") and to identify several key areas such as roofs and walls, which are not covered by the mandatory diagnostic reports. I hope to obtain some display material from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

I won't be holding a raffle or giving away free toys.

If anyone with a business or personal motivation in exposing themselves to property buyers is interested in sharing a stand,please feel free to make direct contact with me ( or through SFN.