Standard Charge for attending A& E in 2022

Does not apply if you get admitted to hospital…

This standard charge is set to simplify matters.
It will replace the (sometimes complicated) billing of the various amounts due as a result of whatever examinations/treatments etc whilst in A&E… for folk who do not get admitted, but get sent on their merry way (hopefully feeling better…).

This was introduced as too many people visit A&E instead of the Doctor to avoid paying the Doctor.

At A&E they ask for CV and Mutuelle…

I received a bill for the ambulance which took me and my broken bones to A&E some years ago… so I’m not sure it’s quite as you describe… I was an emergency and dealt with accordingly.

My Mutuelle paid for the Ambulance… hurrah… but I had to send them the bill first.

Quoting from the article…

“First, let’s clear up a misunderstanding. No, being treated in a hospital emergency room has never been free! Of course, there were exceptions, but as a rule, patient care and medical procedures have always been invoiced.”

“D’abord, dissipons un malentendu. Non, être soigné aux urgences d’un hôpital n’a jamais été gratuit ! Certes, il existait des exceptions mais, en règle générale, l’accueil du patient et les actes médicaux ont toujours été facturés.”