Starlink (content from Nordnet satellite Internet)

Thanks @PeterJ - your comments are well appreciated. Happy New Year to you & family.

Thanks, @PeterJ . It’s great to have actual feedback from an actual user rather than 3rd party speculation …

@PeterJ What was the lead-in time for delivery of your Starlink in France as a matter of interest?

It took about seven days from placing the order to delivery.

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One of the main issues with the propriety Starlink cable is the size of the ends and feeding it through a small aperture in to the house or through walls etc.
This video addresses that issue…

Thank you for finding that Graham. We ended up drilling a big(ish) hole through the wall and feeding the dish end connector from inside to the outside - the dish end has a straight connector rather than the L shaped connector that goes to the router.

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I’m still trying to find a solution to fixing the aerial to a normal tiled roof French style. The tiles are terreal interlocking… not sure that they will withstand drilling.

Would this work Graham.

Trying to imagine how it might fit with the Terreal Roman roof tile - is there a French supplier? I wont buy from UK on principle.


Not sure if this will give any inspiration for alternative mounting

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This seems a nifty little roof mount…

With some of the winds we have had in the last year, I’m not sure if I would trust it to stay put.

They have strong winds in the States too and whilst there are no wind rating specifications, it looks pretty much like the tool for the job to me…

Good luck :yum::grin:

I’ve not made the decision to go the Starlink route yet… what concerns me equally is the prospect of drilling into machined roof tiles of the kind used in France. In the States, the roof covering is often shingles which are easier to drill.

A tile drill would probably work, either the arrow pointed type or the mini diamond core type.

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