Start as Autoentrepreneur or not?

Can anybody advise me please the difficulty of changing from Autoetrepreneur to "normal" business status. Is it better to start off as autoentrepreneur and change or start as you mean to continue?

Not sure what my expenses will be yet but by the end of next year I think they may be quite a bit. On the other hand I don't know how receipts will be!

One for the mathematicians I think!

Thanks in advance

I agree with Andrew Hearne. I don't really know how things work with SA and SARL, but I would imagine if you're going to be taking in less than the ceiling amounts.

"Seuil du CA pour une auto entreprise dans le service : Un auto entrepreneur proposant une activité de prestation de services ne doit pas dépasser un plafond de chiffre d'affaires de 32600 euros en 2013, comme en 2012."

But as I understand it, only certain business types can be registered under the AE system -- I may be wrong on this one though, have a read through the other posts here and elsewhere online.

The AE is a brilliant system, simple, and, if I may be so bold, one of the few good things Sarkozy did while in power. That and "la valeur travail".

aïe aïe aïe Louise ! Knowing it's going to happen doesn't help either, you can plan for it (as we are) but it still must hurt! As for the pension, I'm not so sure that it's as good as that, I think we're just paying for everyone elses :-(

We are already there Andrew - year 3 - bill 31000€. Catchups from years 1 & 2. It's real, it does happen, and right now it's happening to us..........Still trying to find someone to explain the pension side to us, so if anyone has any info it will be gratefully received! It better be a bloody good pension!

Yep, quite frightening, Tracey. The original business plans used the former owner's "nom propre" and "IR" set up and he was paying around 40k a year. By creating a SNC and opting for IS rather than 100% IR, we'll reduce the bill as we'll only pay charges sociales on what we take rather than what the SNC makes... but at the end of the day, we'll still end up paying a fortune to the rsi and impôts :-(

At times I feel like we're keeping the French state afloat!

Flipping 'eck Andrew, I hope you are earning lots of money and will get a damn good retirement from working 18 hrs a day, 7 days a week!

Ooops. I have not gone for AE as I have a lot of expenses. I hope that it turns out the right way for me. Thank you for your responses.

Yes, this one slipped through the net, you should have been flooded with people telling you to start up as an AE, then change if/as your business grows. We've just had our charges sociales invoice to pay for this year and we're at 6000€ each regardless of income (and that'll go up and up, I'm forecast for 30000€ in my third year but that's another story...!). I was an AE for 4 years, great really simple system, go for it ;-)

Bonne chance ;-)

Think this one slipped through the net? Have you already registered Dave? As you don't know how well you are going to do, it really is better to start as AE because with all the other systems you have to pay regular social charges whether you have made any money or not. Then, if your expenses are quite high, switch to a different set up when your cash is flowing.

Hi Dave

I've only just joined this forum, and am surprised no-one has replied to you yet. To some degree it will depend what your business is. With AE status you can't reclaim expenses. However if you expect limited income it may be better to register as AE so that you can 'pay as you go', and don't get hit for big bills on social charges etc based on what your theoretical income might be. There's an article in this month's Connexion with interviews with 3 people who took different routes. But ultimately you may need advice from an accountant.